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Watch_Dogs / Watch Dogs - Hacks / Cheats / Trainers

PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2014 2:49 am
by Sethioz
Watch Dogs Trainers / Cheats / Hacks

If you do not know how to hack games on basic level, then read Basic Game Hacking Article

1. Infinite Ammo
4 bytes
value is as shown

2. Infinite Energy
149.9 in float when full
search range, between 148 and 151 or you might not find it.

3. Vehicle Stats - Watch Dogs Vehicle Stats Editing
HAAH! Once again i have done it, i have found the vehicle stats, so far i have only mapped few:
Vehicle Health
Front Bumper Health
Rideheight (Body Offset from wheels up-down)
Body Offset from wheels (forward-backwards)
Position on Map (can be used to teleport the vehicle), with some coding you can teleport target vehicles to you for example.
Weight - I kind a lost it :(
Remote Control - Well not exactly a stat, but by replacing some values, you can take control of another vehicle while being in your own vehicle.

Video Demonstration of Remote Controlled Vehicle:

4. Health
100 in float when full

5. Battery
very odd, because i found it once and then i couldn't find it again. very odd indeed.
but it is as shown, just can't remember if i did in bytes or float, so try both.

I will make more hacks as i progress in game (cash, weapons ..etc)
I also found some weird things in the config .xml file that Watch Dogs uses, it's basically your profile settings, but it has interesting things, such as "useFelony=1", i wonder what happens if i turn it to 0? does it means cops won't chase you? There are few other values too, but Watch Dogs is glitches and it keeps changing that file all the time, i made it read only, but still it doesn't seem to have any effect.
For example it keeps changing the volume on its own, shows music volume on 40, but it still maxes out when you change tracks, its fucking annoying.