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Saints Row IV (SR4) - Hacks / Hacking / Trainers

Postby Sethioz » Fri Jan 24, 2014 7:33 am

I've taken a quick look into Saints Row 4 hacking and managed to find weapon stats/specs. So i can make rapid fire, damage, auto fire ..etc
For example a rapid fire, automatic rocket launcher!

Here's a Demonstration Video of SUPER WEAPONS:

If you do not know how to hack games on basic level, then follow the Basic Game Hacking article ^^

1. Infinite Cache
- Not as easy as you think.
- If you have 10000 cache in-game, then value to search is 1000000 (at 4 bytes)

2. Weapon Stats
- Not sure if i release details, but i haven't even mapped much. so far ive found the following:
- Clip Size (how much weapon can hold in the clip)
- Ammo taken when fired (if set to 0, weapon uses no ammo when fired = unlimited ammo in clip)
- Damage (it's weird, i can do 1 shot kills on peds or vehicles, but not on both)
- Rate of Fire (just what it says, i can turn shotgun into super rapid fire shotgun ..or RPG..etc)
- Firemode - Manual / Semi auto / Auto / Charge (I can use this to set RPG onto auto fire, so hold down fire button and it shoots automatically)

i've also found some weird things that doesn't really do much, more like mess things up.
What is yet to be mapped, is accuracy, projectiles per shot ..etc. I wan't to be able to shoot like 100 rockets with just one shot! It should turn RPG into a NUKE launcher :)

Stay tuned for more.
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