Next Car Game (NCG) Hacks / Hacking / Trainers

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Next Car Game (NCG) Hacks / Hacking / Trainers

Postby Sethioz » Wed Jan 01, 2014 1:43 pm

I have made some concept hacks already. I just got the topic ready, to let all of you know that i got some hacks for NCG already.
I have Power (HP), Weight and TurboBoost (jump) and some weird things i don't know what to call, in other words, i've found car stats and going thru them, gear ratios, gears ..etc, but it takes a while to map them. It took me like 3-5 months in TDU2 to map most important car stats, but trainer is EPIC.
If there's enough interest, i will do same for NCG.
Stay tuned, i will post videos and details soon.

1. Weight
- Allows you to increase/decrease weight, it doesn't seem to have much effect on other vehicles, but it has lot of effect on grip (well duh.. ..), but it also makes your car slower, so basically it works like real car's weight. However if you set negative values, your car starts to fly.
Mixed with power hack, it's like KITT on steroids :)

2. Power / HP (horsepower)
- Simple as that, put tons of HP and your car turns into a rocket (not really), but gives you shit loads of boost, useless with keyboard tho, you must have controller or otherwise you spin out after tapping acceleration once.

3. Turbo Boost / Jump
This is basically weight hack, i just made hotkeys to set value to negative and then back to positive.
Still, pretty cool!

3. Suspension Hacks
I just made suspension hack, haven't uploaded the video yet, but check my for new updates!
I found 4 different stats for suspension:
- Ride Height
- Stiffness
- Some unknown thingy (maybe dampers or something)
- Camber angle

Video Demonstrations:
Turbo Boost
Power and Weight

No details? well no, because for now i will keep it private. Because all that is part of car stats.
If you want to learn how to make game hacks, read Basic Game Hacking and go from there.

If there's enough interest, i will start releasing trainers and details, so take your time, register and reply or like and comment on youtube videos.
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