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windows 7 (win 7 / gay 7) - lag / lagging when downloading

PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 12:34 pm
by Sethioz
This is the problem that many have reported. win 7 / gay 7 starts to lag when you download massively. like using torrents and having more than like 2 torrents active and having lot of open connections.
mostly eMule causes lag with many active items, while XP works perfectly in such situation.
i have 64-bit gay7.

there are many misleading topic all over the internet, including on seven forums. where they got no idea what they moan about.
actual cause is well .. connections made. gay 7 just cant handle it. however there is one another thing i discovered, that seem to stop those huge lag spikes.
gay 7 has many svchost.exe files running, while xp had 3-5. one of the svchost.exe starts to take HUGE amounts of RAM when this lag starts.
i suspended the process (if you kill it, it just starts again and eats up RAM in less than 5 mins again) and now lag seem to be gone.
when im checking it with process explorer, then "working set" size is from 90.000 - 200.000 K. games take around 200.000 - 500.000. modern games i mean.

it is the svchost.exe that says "services: superfetch" when you move mouse over it. thats the easiest way to find it. since if you suspend or kill wrong svchost.exe then windows will autoreboot or might even crash.

if you are experiencing same lag issues when downloading, then try this and see if this helps. reply would be nice, if it helps or not.
just to make it clear, im talking about windows lag, not network lag. lag spikes, that affect everything, including sound.

Re: windows 7 (win 7 / gay 7) - lag / lagging when downloadi

PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2011 11:33 am
by Sethioz
update regarding "superfetch". ive been downloading for about 12 hours and it started lagging again, however its significally smaller than with superfetch. so it seem to be helping. i get spikes only when i load some big webpages along side with download.
its bareable, but still laggy.

my analysis to this problem, is that gay 7 gays itself up. it tries to fetch and catch everything and duo the download with many connections, it cant keep up.
its always been the problem with windows OS. all those things like "system restore" and such will lag you up so badly. for example if "system restore" is enabled, your OS monitors every change you make, which means it uses twice the resources.

i keep testing what might cause it. another thing that is always gaying around in gay 7 is "searchindexer" and i cant find a way to disable that shit. i dont want to disable whole search feature, just that indexing shit. i see it often taking up a lot of resources, it might also cause the lag since it tries to index every downoaded piece (just speculation)

it seems like it still gayz itself up while downloading. .. i would slap bill gates right in the face for making such retarded system that lags like shit

Re: windows 7 (win 7 / gay 7) - lag / lagging when downloadi

PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2011 5:16 pm
by Sethioz

win 7 is really gaying up .. im downloading some movies from my server machine / pc via FTP and speed is about 4-5mb/s.
funny part is that my server is running windows XP and my pc is gay 7.
BOTH have same version of zonealarm installed and active with SAME settings, gay 7 lags into gay paradise, while xp won't even notice the download.

difference between machines ... is that server pc is 2.2ghz single core, 512mb ram and 512mb video card and gay 7 pc is 1gb video card, 2.8ghz dual core and 3gb ram.

and then retarded idiots on sevenforums and other places say that "its your anti-virus". sure, really....i belive them
NOT. fucking retarded morons know nothing, they just speculate and havent made any tests. this here is a clear example how LAME gay 7 is, it literally GAYS ITSELF UP. its duo those gay security checks and other shit that lags it up. those useless services that try to control "who knows what".

even speed is LIMITED to 5mb/s ... while from XP to XP i got 11 - 13mb/s via the SAME router with SAME settings.
so clearly gay 7 / win 7 is limited duo some gayness in it.

i bet that if i would contact microASSEDsoft about this issue, they would try blame everything on me, like check that your cable is properly connected, check that router is not limited to 5mb/s ..etc ...etc ..etc.
it is like talking to a wall if you tell them that "I made SAME test using XP to XP and it worked fine", they would still suggest the most retarded things .. damn conspiracies..