Cyborg V7 (or any keyboard) stops working in Windows 10

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Cyborg V7 (or any keyboard) stops working in Windows 10

Postby Sethioz » Thu Apr 14, 2016 5:12 pm

Today I upgraded my Motherboard, CPU and RAM, booted up the PC just fine, but then keyboard stopped working.
I instantly realized it is windows issue, because it worked perfectly fine in BIOS, I googled and found that Cyborg V7 (keyboard i have) doesn't support windows 10, but that's a bunch of BS, it's just retard talk. don't believe those idiot kids talking shit.

ALL keyboards are plug and play, you don't need any drivers for them to function. Ever since like ... ever. Well you do need a driver, but it's built into every version of windows.
Only reason why modern keyboard need a "driver" is so that you can use advanced functions. For example V7 has volume controls and 12 additional hotkeys, so for those you need additional driver + software.

So I tried re-installing, but it didn't work. In device manager it said "unknown device" and didn't install for shit.
However somehow all the hotkeys started working, while normal keyboard buttons did not work.

There's a really simple fix for this, however you need additional keyboard for this to work, otherwise you're pretty much fucked (on-screen keyboard would do the job).

1. Disconnect your keyboard that doesn't work
2. plug in any other keyboard that works (or try using mouse and on-screen keyboard)
3. go into "device manager" > view > show hidden devices
4. under "Keyboards" right click and uninstall EVERYTHING (if you have other keyboard plugged in, it will stop working, so just re-plug and it works again).
5. Now go to and download ccleaner
6. install ccleaner and run it with all options on (except from "wipe free space")
7. run ccleaner's registry cleaner too (with all options enabled)
8. restart your PC
9. run ccleaner again + registry clean
10. restart your PC again
11. wait until your PC is fully running, all your start up programs are up and running ..etc
12. plug in the keyboard that did not work, give it 1-15 seconds and it should work fine.

NOTE - this is a bug with windows 10, it sometimes fucks up devices after you change hardware or install certain software, this can happen to any device really. I had similar issue with my 360 controller while ago, i did exact same thing and it started working again.
Also in device manager it gave Code 28 or Code 11 as error, just ignore all that shit, it's some bug with windows 10, take those steps I listed and your device will be up and running, ofcourse before that, make sure your device works in other PC, there's always possibility that your device is broken.
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