Cannot delete the file cannot read from the source file ...

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Cannot delete the file cannot read from the source file ...

Postby Sethioz » Sun Sep 21, 2008 2:02 pm

"cannot delete the file cannot read from the source file or disk"

It is error that occurs when file or folder has invalid name. this is full error message in windows xp that occurs sometimes. sometimes its enought to press F5 (refresh) and the file goes away, but sometimes it gets stuck on desktop or HDD root .. or somewhere else.

* windows 7 gives different error, but method is ever the same to get rid of such annoying file/s

it has happend twice for me. last time was very annoying because the file popped on desktop. ok how it got there ?
i used ''download helper'' (its firefox addon) to download video from youtube, but it kind a glitched or something like that. so it left that temp file (without extension) on my desktop. the file ended with ''!'' sign and usually windows has problems if file has something like this at end of the filename:
. ! ..etc. its not always the case, but it may cause this error. so i was unable to move, delete or rename the file. it also crashed my whole PC when i tried to rename it. first it said cannot rename, but i already delete real file name so it was blank and i couldnt get out of there. it kept hitting me with that error message that cannot rename. so i tried to close explorer.exe with ''process explorer'' but then everything crashed..doh.

then i tought ill google lil bit. well i found nothing useful. only some mumble-blablabla. somebody suggested to do this:
well i ran it, but it crashed my pc. oviously when it got to this file. it said that removing some file from index, but then it crashed.

Here's how i solved it.

1. File was on my desktop
2. I closed explorer.exe
3. i moved all other shortcuts and files into new folder from desktop folder
4. i renamed the old desktop folder (rename it to whtever you want) using cmd
-run (from process explorer or taskmanager) and then type ''cmd'' and hit enter.
5. so now the file was gone from my desktop when i rebooted pc (well it crashed actually)
-note that windows will automatically make the ''Desktop'' folder if its not there.
6. now i had this ''blah'' folder containing that stupid file.
7. once again it was impossible to delete it, but not impossible to move it around.
8. close explorer.exe again and open cmd
9. browse to the location where this stupid folder is (tht contains this stupid file)
10. use this command:
Code: Select all
move foldernamehere C:/recycler

this will put that folder into recycler. so then you simply empty recycler and its gone.
at least it worked for me...well more or less. after emptying recycler my whole OS crashed AGAIN, but now the file is GONE and pc running just fine :)

NOTE: i also did registry scan and ran ccleaner and hijackthis and cleaned some junk out to make sure that some registry error is not causing it to crash or making it come back..etc.

NOTE2 if file is not located in any of the important folders for operating system, then it is easier. you can simply move the whole folder into recycler using cmd command "move" my problem was that it was in "Desktop" folder, thats why all this hassle, since you cannot move the file itself, but only the containing folder/s.

Those kind of files are really annoying. so if you want to make a ''joke'' to a ''friend'' then learn how to make such files and make like 11 of them on his/her desktop and enjoy the show :)
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Re: Cannot delete the file cannot read from the source file

Postby Sethioz » Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:09 am

Same trick works on win 7, however win 7 gives different error when trying to delete such file.
you do not need to close explorer tho, you can use cmd. while cmd is not able to delete the file, you can freely move around the folder where it is located in.

so you must move the folder containing file with invalid name into the following folder:
Code: Select all

this is example only, this is my recycle bin. in order to see it in win 7, you must do the following:

in windows explorer > organize > folder and search options > view tab > uncheck the box "hide protected operating system files"
hit ok
now you are able to see recycle.bin files on your HDD/s.

NOTE - you can only move this folder within the current HDD, you cannot move it to another HDD ! so you must move that folder containing invalid file into recycler located on the same hdd.

as a personal tought, win 7 and vista are suppouse to be superior, but how comes those retarded developers couldnt fix so simple thing ? uhh .. while in linux there is no such problem, you can delete file with any name. linux wont get stuck behind such things.
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