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Need some help with my weird wifi problem

PostPosted: Wed May 13, 2015 8:02 pm
by XaneXXXX
So this started about 4 months ago. But i haven't really bothered looking into it since i only use ethernet cable and not wifi.

The problem is that maybe once every 4 days or something i get disconnected from my wifi on all the devices, and not a normal "disconnect". It says that the wifi password is wrong. And the only way to fix it is to change wifi channel in my router settings. i've tried setting the wifi channel to AUTO, but the same problem occur. So right now i have to switch wifi channel pretty often and it annoys me as hell. Any thoughts on what could have caused this?

1. Firewall/DDOS is turned off in the router settings.

2. I'm not hacked

3. I'm using a Netgear router.

Cheers! :)

Re: Need some help with my weird wifi problem

PostPosted: Thu May 14, 2015 2:27 am
by Sethioz
have you checked if there are other networks with same name? someone might be pulling evil trick on you and setting his router with exact same name, 99% of devices out there do not set MAC before connecting, they just connect to network with best signal, this is done so that in huge areas (some hotels, companies, parks ..etc) where they use range extenders, you can be connected at all times without issues.

however i doubt that's the case, i've had same thing with some wifi stations, it doesn't happen on ALL devices, linux and win xp works fine, gay 7 is the one that can't handle it. In win xp i use WiFi hopper and i set the option "set BSSID before connecting" and that usually makes it better.
I also tried my range extender with those problematic stations and it does same, range extender is just unable to connect, however in my cases, all i had to do is just restart the range extender itself. win 7 is still not able to connect, it says its WEP, but it's WPA2, i don't know why/how win 7 would say it is WEP, then it whines that pass is wrong .. obviously it's wrong, cuz it's not WEP, but it still shows up as WEP.

what you described is surely router problem, changing channel can help "reset" wifi in some cases, i think you should go thru your router settings and see what you can see. Maybe change from like TKIP to AES or try changing between WPA2 and WPA ..etc. some routers have setting for encryption "AUTO (WPA/WPA2)", that you would want to change to WPA2 only and then try messing with encryption options ..etc.

if all fails, contact the company that made the router, but before that, I'm quite sure your router is not your own, but given by the ISP? if so, then find the router's company (the original company that actually made the router) and then flash the bios with one from their website.
before that, you have to find out how your router connects to ISP and gets the connection. If it's PPPoE (username / pass), then it's easy. if it's MAC, it should also be easy, but there might be some other methods, whatever it is, before flashing, find out how it connects to ISP (ask if necessary) and write down all that info, cuz once you flash, everything will be gone and you have to manually configure it again.

Re: Need some help with my weird wifi problem

PostPosted: Thu May 14, 2015 6:34 pm
by XaneXXXX
Yeah i have checked and no router nearby has the same name. I will try to change the encryption method so AES+TKIP, i only use AES now. Will also try to change from WPA2 to WPA. Thanks :)

Re: Need some help with my weird wifi problem

PostPosted: Sat May 16, 2015 1:33 am
by Sethioz
I'd flash the bios tho, 90% of routers that are provided by ISP are full of their JUNK. virginmedia here is complete yber shit, they offer fastest internet in UK, but their software is yber crap and they tamper with it remotely, they have remote control over the router and they do whatever the fuck they want and whenever they want, they just cut you off in middle of a live stream without giving a shit if you was in middle of something or not.
Their router is just full of junk, it lags, it randomly reboots (i'm guessing they do it), sometimes wifi is nearly impossible to use, have to reboot the router to fix ... etc.

I've had similar issues with EVERY ISP's router i've ever tried, only way to fix this is to throw it in corner and buy a proper router or flash the bios on theirs and use the factor bios provided by the creators of router.