Camtasia does not open (camtasiastudio.exe)

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Camtasia does not open (camtasiastudio.exe)

Postby Sethioz » Sun Feb 23, 2014 2:32 pm

This is very odd bug. some hours ago, Camtasia Studio 8 just stopped working for me, i mean it did not crash. i rendered a video and exited camtasia like i always do (i've been using it for like 5-7 years over 2000 times). Then i played some games and wanted to make another video .. and it simply did not open. i saw the splash screen and nothing happens.

Camtasia just did not open / start anymore. I saw the process popping up in process explorer (i don't use task manager, too crappy) and then it just closed after the splash. i thought .. oh well probably some gay7 issues, i rebooted, but surprise, surprise, it wasn't fixed. still same shit.
So i tried all the usual, run CCleaner (it cleans all the junk/temp files and caches), did a registry scan with ccleaner and registry mechanic and rebooted again, still nothing ...
Then i started to get fucking annoyed. So i uninstalled, downloaded newest version and tried again ... it installed fine, but still same issue. Then i got really fucking angry and decided to fucking TERMINATE the thing, so i deleted ALL the files i could find containing "camtasia" and "techsmith". Then i did same with registry, i used JV16 Power Tools to do the search for files and registry. rebooted again. then i tried installing the older version again .. but then it said something like "newer version of camtasia studio 8 has been detected in your system, please uninstall the newer version of camtasia studio 8 and try again"
well da fuck?! how does it read it .. if it doesn't even exist anymore????
That pissed me the fuck off, i was messing with for 5 hours. Finally i grabbed the Camtasia installed files from my other PC and then i realized that there was some GAY STUPID SHIT registry entry that was not suppose to be deleted, i restored the registry that i deleted, rebooted and voilaa .. it worked.

DA FUCK was all that about? I mean i restored registry to the state where it was NOT working .. and then it worked, i still have no idea wtf was the problem or what exactly fixed it.

I've seen same issue happening to lot of people (i googled for this problem, hoping to get solution), but there is no solution out there, at least i could not find one. I even contacted camtasia support, I'll update the ticket if they give any good information what it might be.
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