Leap Motion's Touchless app does not register mouse clicks

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Leap Motion's Touchless app does not register mouse clicks

Postby Sethioz » Sat Aug 10, 2013 1:48 am

Leap Motion has app called "Touchless" for windows, sometimes it does not register mouse clicks, even tho you can see the circle turn green like it clicks.

There can be 2 problems that cause this.
- go to start and type in "services.msc" and press enter
find "Tablet PC Input Service" and make sure it is started, if not, double click on it and select "start" also startup type should be "automatic"
try if leap motion works
if not reboot your pc, repeat the process up to the point where you find "Tablet PC Input Service", make sure it has started with windows

- if you have more than 1 monitor, it is possible that Touchless shows the visual leap motion's movement on one monitor, but registers mouse clicks on other. this happend to me when i unplugged my primary monitor (i connected it via HDMI splitter to clone my primary monitor onto 42'' tv) and when i re-plugged primary monitor, leap motion detected clicks on secondary monitor, while showing visual clicks on primary, so this might give you illusion that clicks do not register at all. So turn on all of your monitors and make sure that clicks are not made on other monitor, keep in mind that it is extremely hard to see the clicks without visuals, so best is to set Touchless onto "advanced" and then try the "drag highlight", if you see the highlight box appear on any other monitor, then it means you have the monitor problem.
I didn't really find a fix to it, i simply swapped the monitor cables and it swapped leap motion back to normal.
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