AMD Missing Cores Bug / Error on Windows 7 / Vista / 8

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AMD Missing Cores Bug / Error on Windows 7 / Vista / 8

Postby Sethioz » Sun Jul 07, 2013 4:31 pm

There's a "bug" in windows, that actually occurs on more than 1 windows. it is very annoying and makes you go crazy because it doesn't make much sense.
My friend had 8 core cpu and SAME windows that i have and he did not have the issue, i upgraded from 4 to 8 core cpu and i still saw only 4 cores. so i knew from the start, that it is not windows 7 because it worked for my friend.


This happens on computers where CPU have been upgraded from smaller core count to higher, like i upgraded from 4 core to 8 core. This also happens if you upgrade from 1 core to 2 cores, 2 to 4 cores, 2 to 8 ..etc. It almost always happens when you upgrade your CPU to one that has more cores than your previous one, Windows just locks itself to that number of cores that it was installed on and it must be changed manually in order for windows to reset that count and recognize all the cores.

Fix / Solution

1. Start
2. type "msconfig" or "msconfig.exe" and click on it
3. go to "Boot" tab and then "Advanced Options..."
4. Uncheck the "number of processors" option, click ok and apply
5. Reboot your pc when asked (if not asked, still reboot)
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