Dead Island Riptide has stopped working / crash / crack fix

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Dead Island Riptide has stopped working / crash / crack fix

Postby Sethioz » Sun Apr 28, 2013 7:08 pm

Ever since i downloaded dead island riptide, ive had issues running it, it instantly said "dead island riptide has stopped working" and only option was close. i googled around and never found anyone with same issue, well as usual, it is because everyone else is complete moranic RETARD and they install games into default location, only idiot would clock up their primary hdd with games!
I install games on my games HDD, so when im not playing games, that hdd is spinned down, saving HDD's life time + my primary is SSD and i don't clock it up with games, they would cause it to shrink (SSD goes smaller after many reads and writes).

so the issue, is that those crack teams are too lazy to properly test anything, they give you option to install into other folders, but if you install it anywhere but your C (system drive) then it crashes instantly.
Just for the sake of it, i installed it onto my SSD (C drive) and it works fine.
I tested it in my other PC and it worked fine, so i couldn't think of anything else, but the path of game and that was the problem.

install onto your C (system drive)

This seriously pisses me off .. why do you have to install games onto your primary? i mean .. we are in the age of SSD and SSDs are not meant for games.
in general, it is idiotic to install games on same hdd with your OS and other stuff, it just makes everything slower. its best to organize your stuff.
- Games HDD
- OS + primary apps you use (recommended SSD)
- Music HDD
- Archive HDD

whole point of this, is to have all HDDs spinned down when not in use, making them take less power and so that they don't wear out that fast.
This was certainly most idiotic problem i have came across with, having option to install anywhere, but ... only option you have is to install into C..

Ken said he installed it on other HDD and it worked, maybe problem is that mine is USB 3.0 external, but as far as i know, PC doesn't know the difference if its usb or not, i mean it knows the difference, but there is no difference when installing apps, it works the same way.
my internal game hdd is full, so i will test once i make some room there.
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