[PS3] How to jailbreak / hack your playstation 3

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[PS3] How to jailbreak / hack your playstation 3

Postby Sethioz » Thu Jun 23, 2011 6:01 pm

UPDATE - this post is out of date, follow the wiki article and see the jailbreaking of 4.46.1 firmware. There's also a hack to get PSN working with jailbroken ps3.
If you want the files required to jailbreak 4.46.1 firmware, post here. As far as i know, it is illegal so i have not included the files in public, but if you want them, let me know and i see what i can do.


Knowledge Database article of PlayStation 3 jailbreaking and hacking have been added, all updates will go there !


This explains how to hack / jailbreak / crack your playstation 3 (ps3) in order to be able to play pirated / downloaded / copied games.


Things you need:

1. USB memory stick or external HDD (tested only with FAT32 formatted)
2. kmeaw CFW 3.55 Patched PUP
- its about 170mb and im not sure if its legal so i have not uploaded this onto my site (google and you'll find one easily)
(720.36 KiB) Downloaded 1082 times

4. multiMAN
- again im not sure if its legal to post this and its also around 60 - 70mb (google, easy to find)

NOTE - your ps3 firmware must be 3.55 or below. i havent tested with newer firmware, it MIGHT work, but dont count on it.
if you have newer firmware, find a way to downgrade it (never checked into this).



NOTE - all steps might not be necessary, i have done it once and never tested alternatives ! do it the way i did and it will work 100%

1. check if your usb device is FAT32 (if not, use format function and format to FAT32, might work with NTFS or others, never tested)
2. make 2 new folders on your usb stick
- PS3 (usb root)
- UPDATE (inside of PS3 folder)

so it will look like this:

3. extract kmeaw CFW 3.55 Patched PUP or put into /UPDATE/ folder that you just created
4. extract or put lv2patcher and multiMAN onto usb root
5. turn off your PS3 by pressing and holding the button on front until it turns off
6. depending on FAT or SLIM version of ps3 do the following:
- FAT: turn off the power switch at the back for about 10 seconds
- SLIM: unplug the power cord for about 10 seconds
7. plug USB device into ps3
8. make sure you have no dvd/cd in the drive of ps3
9. boot up ps3
10. on ps3 do this
- under "settings" go to "system update" > "update via storage media"
- select the package found (kmeaw)
11. follow the instructions and install it
12. now under "games" you will see "install package files", go there
13. select lv2patcher (lv2-v9.pkg) or whatever version you have there (run / install)
14. now under games you see the lv2 patcher, install and run it
15. under games > install package files > choose multiman and install it
16. under games, you see multiMAN > run it

thats it, you are done. now you can play downloaded games via multiMAN backup manager.


* How to transfer games from PC to PS3 using FTP (file transfer protocol)

first let me point out few things. you can use any FTP client, however filezilla works best.
google for filezilla and download the client (not server) for your pc.

1. connect your pc and ps3 to same router
2. setup connection in your ps3 (this guide does not tell you the basics of networking)
3. you need IP of your ps3
- on ps3 you can see it under network settings
- log into your router and check it from there
4. start multiMAN
5. make sure that in multiMAN > settings > FTP service is set to "auto start"
6. now FTP server is running on ps3
7. in filezilla click on "file" > "site manager" > "new site" (button)
8. enter the following details:
- host: ip of your ps3
- port: 21
- protocol: FTP - File Transfer Protocol
- Encryption: use plain FPT
- logon type: normal
- user: FTPD12345
- password: <blank> (it means you dont write anything, leave blank)
* under "transfer settings" tab in filezilla
- transfer mode: default (if it doesnt work, select "active")
- check the box for "limit number of simultaneous connections" and put "1"
9. click "connect"

anyway you can do this with any FTP client, but filezilla seem to be best option, since its also free to download.

I keep updating this topic when i find something new.
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Re: [PS3] How to jailbreak / hack your playstation 3

Postby Sethioz » Sat Sep 28, 2013 8:32 pm

Here's how to fix the following error on your PS3 FTP:

Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

This happens because you have not set your FTP client to Active mode, however in filezilla there were some issues with it.
Previous guide worked fine until now, must be newer version of filezilla (its common nowdays, that updates actually screw up everything instead of fixing things)
So on top of the previous guide, you must do the following if you receive that error.

1. open filezilla
2. go to Edit > Settings
3. Connection > FTP
- Select "Active" and do not click the box "allow fall back to other transfer mode on failure" (so uncheck that box)
- FTP Keep-alive - thick the box (not important, but good to have)
4. Click on Connection > FTP > Active
- Active mode IP > Ask your operating system for the external IP address

That's it, click ok, connect again (make sure to follow all steps in previous post too).

NOTE: This is bug with filezilla, confirmed 100%. i kept getting it and then i tested from other PC with older filezilla, works fine. so fuckzilla is fucked ... its just SO typical nowdays, fucktards just can't update. i dont even see anything new in filezilla, its just FUCKED! so if old version works, DO NOT update or you end up with some gayfuck issues like this.
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