Free (donator) Dreamscenes!

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Free (donator) Dreamscenes!

Postby Legu » Sun Mar 18, 2012 9:17 am

Hi, a quick tutorial how to get free DONATORS dreamscenes from dreamscene[dot]org.

1.) Go to the donators section.
2.) Choose any dreamscene of your choice and click on download.
3.) You will see a window where you need to login.
You will see a window with this url (with http ofc)
Now pay attention to the download id! In this case we want to download the video with the id 304!
4.) Go to any free dreamscene and click on download.
You will receive an url like this.
Copy this url into any browser(chrome,firefox,etc) and easily change the id from the free video(304) to the donator's video id(301) and tadan the downloaded started and you have your free donator dreamscenes :3
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