[Wifi Hacking] Gateway Bypass and Channel Swapping?

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[Wifi Hacking] Gateway Bypass and Channel Swapping?

Postby ronokae » Sat Feb 11, 2012 8:47 pm

So I spent the night at a hotel one night, and to get "free" wifi for laptops/etc I had to pay a small fee.
The After paying I connected to the network. And upon connecting, I got curious
Now here's the question part;

-The network is unsecured but you have to go through a gateway page and insert a password in order for the internet to actually work. On the page, you could "subscribe for High-Speed internet" by paying extra $ this internet gives a faster speed, a Few MB per second while the "free" regular one only gives around 60KB per second max. Yet they were both on the same network.

<< Is there a way to use the internet connection without first logging in through this gateway page? The network is open and unsecure No WPA/WEP, yet you will not get any service without going through this page, so is there a bypass to this?

- After logging onto the gateway page, I booted from my USB into BackTrack 5, and used the WiFi program on there and noticed that the same Network popped up, but more than once, the difference were the channels each had a different one, "6,11,1" whatever. I noticed that when i logged onto 6/11, on the network, the internet was rather slow (the usual speed 60KB, this had to be the "free-side" of the network) Yet when i logged onto channel 1/9 (unsure about the numbers) the internet was insanely faster (around 5MB per sec or so, maybe faster, the "high-speed-side' likely)

<< What exactly did I do there, and how could I do the same from windows? i looked up "wifi channels" and many things along those lines but nobody seemed to have an answer for the scenario i suggested they all were talking about logging into your router's/WIFI card's gateway page, not what i was looking for.

Some quality input would be appreciated, thanks.
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Re: [Wifi Hacking] Gateway Bypass and Channel Swapping?

Postby Sethioz » Sat Feb 11, 2012 9:23 pm

already been done and discussed here.


its MAC based. if you monitor that station and see others who are connected, clone their mac and voilaa ! you got internet. however access point will be confused and it doesn't work properly, if you request a page, then both MACs are same and station doesn't know where to send data, it can end up half to you and half to other person.
in this situation, it should be possible to use aireplay to boot that other person out, not sure how it would work, since deauth is also sent using only MAC, it would most likely end up deauthing you and other person, if there is some parameter that can be more specific, it would work.

for example the channel you mentioned, all "hotspots" do that, so they boost the signal. its "same" network, split between big system to boost the range. they should all act as one. so for example if you lock yourself using channel 11 and your "victim" is on channel 2, then you can deauth from channel 2, keeping yourself on channel 11 and use his connection. should work perfectly.

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