IMPORTANT Notes - READ this.

strongly recommended to read this first. its not long and its useful

IMPORTANT Notes - READ this.

Postby Sethioz » Sat Jul 28, 2007 4:05 am

1. Open area topic is OPENfor guests!!! so you do not need to register to post into Open area topic!
2. Dont know where to post ? If you want to talk about SPECIFIC thing (not listed) then use Offtopic. If its something without specific idea (like .. im bored what to do .. what to play ..etc) then use Open area.
3. Copy and Paste keys DOES not work on this forum. I do not why but they just doesnt. and i mean SPECIAL copy and paste keys not hotkeys (ctrl+v ..etc).
UPDATE: copy and paste keys work now
4. It seems that prosilver Style causes ''AVANT'' browser to freeze sometimes. if this occurs please use other browser or change the STYLE - user control panel - board preferences
UPDATE: its stable version now and everything works FINE with avant and firefox (tested by myself) dont fucking whine that avant or firefox crashes or aint showing things..etc
5. DO NOT fucking use some freehosting for images !! use forum's Attachment box to add pictures to your posts !
6. Signatures are DISABLED and NO i will not enable them. it takes room and looks ugly.

UPDATE : 10.march.2008
Everything works just fine now, but still a lil reminder...

UPDATE : 07 June 2009
Private Message (PM) does not work sometimes. NOTE that this is not forum error, it is because of the hosting's memory_limit in php.ini, i do not have access to this. I will see what can be done. In meanwhile if you wish to PM, use site's PM, not this forum's PM.
go to "home" and use PM there.

UPDATE : 11 July 2009
Some security measures changed in downloads section, if you having problems downloading something, then report it (use pm on site)

UPDATE : 07 October 2009
A small change which im really proud of :) > now you can click on the highlighted row only and you will be taken into forum/topic
yes on main index page and when looking subforums, on mouse hover the whole row turns into dark purple, just click on any of that area to be taken into the forum/topic. i coded this part myself and i posted it into PHP code area.

Please report ANY bugs and errors. send me PM on site. thanks.
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