strongly recommended to read this first. its not long and its useful


Postby Sethioz » Sat Jul 28, 2007 4:01 am

Things that you CAN NOT do. READ BEFORE POSTING !

No Edit Button I have removed the option to edit or delete your post, because it is extremely annoying when people come here, ask a question and when they get reply, they delete their posts or just edit their post by deleting all content and just saying "solved". what is the meaning of this?! ..idea of forum, is to have a discussion that people can read. What if someone else has same problem and wants to read the whole discussion??? .. and you delete it and think it is your private forum for your private use only. That's why I removed the function, people did not get it through their head.
If you want to correct a mistake in your post, just do the following:

quote the text you wish to edit in your previous post, like this part has been quoted here

here write the text you wish to replace the quoted text with. feel free to copy / paste whole post, edit it and repost. i will edit your previous post myself and delete the new one, so it will look the way you want it to be.


1. DO NOT spam the fucking forum. (lame spamming like fuck off, fuck off, fuck off and don't double post your problems/questions into several topics.) However if you want to rage and go nutz you can do that in the "Open area / Spam / Trash" thread.

2. DO NOT make any commercials here / No adverts! (oh check this out! this is real forum, you MAY refer to posts made in other forums IF its related to the topic in question)

3. DO NOT go out of topic!!! STAY IN THE TOPICS! (and i mean it! LOOK what u fucking post and where you post!!!) ok you accidently posted into wrong sub-forum..i get it, but LOOK before you post! Don't put some music discussion into games ..etc and no game hacking into pc hacking, game hacks and pc hacking are not same. This also means, if you have nothing to say, do not troll to fucking topic. If someone asks "How can I change my windows id / key" then DO NOT fucking reply with "this is illegal" or "you get banned for this, don't do it". If someone asks a question, reply to the question and do not troll aka go offtopic. It's everybody's personal business WHY they want to know this or that, so if you have nothing to say, do not reply.

4. DO NOT make stupid or unnecesery posts! (yeah its a cool pic, ok, yes i see, its blue ...etc. you MAY post your opinion about stuff, but NOT with 1-2 words, if u think something is ''crap'' then tell us WHY it's so. DONT just post ''its crap'' Just don't post anything if you have nothing else to say than 1-2 words.

5. DO NOT use big avatars. (This has been fixed and you can't use big avatars anymore 120x120px is max size)

6. DO NOT try stupid things (guessing passes, brute-forcing, RFI, CSS, SQL injection ..etc). I will take counter-measures. I have made example out of many twats, including netsky (website is permanently down now) admin who attacked my site because one of the users here attacked his servers. if netsky twat reads this, then know that i have nothing to do with users here, if you have problem with somebody, deal with that user, not me. hope you enjoyed the crashes and theres more where it came from.
I also hacked into niceservers.com and forced them to shut down their site, read more here - http://www.vanillatf2.org/2011/06/nice- ... y-goodbye/
My site is not unhackable, but neither are you! Choose wisely before going against me, just because you have no site to hack, you always have something in online environment that can be hacked and used against you.

7. DO NOT make an public accounts. it means don't make account for sharing > don't post details out on public, in some other site/forum. this account will be deleted and second time i see this, your ISP and mail account will be banned permanently. (you CAN share your account details with friends, privately, but not in public)

8. This forum is english ONLY. even under spam / offtopic you can not make post in other languages. Any other language posts will be deleted, if you repeat this, you will be banned permanently. You are allowed to include some words or a sentence in other language if it fits into topic.

Special rules, things you may do under special circumstances

1. Advertising rules - since i have recieved a lot of spam / advertisement posts lately, i have made a strict rule. NO advertising at all. will get you banned and i might take counter measures against you. If you wish to advertise anything at all, then it will cost you. send me a PM (private message) if you wish to discuss advertising.
i only accept paypal payments, however you can use your credit / debit card to send payment to paypal without any extra costs.
My site is on top of google for thousands of searches, everyone should know that advertising on my site will get your site a lot of traffic. so do not just post your stuff, contact me first and ill see if we can work something out.
NOTE about it, is that when you search for general term like "multiplayer game hacks" my site shows up on first page on google

2. Copy / Paste from other websites - this means you are NOT allowed to copy paste content from other websites without adding credits. If you copy and paste from another website and you are not sure if that website is owner of that content, DO NOT post it here ! However if you want to do so, go thru the information yourself and test if its correct and then write your own story / tutorial (whatever it is) in your own words.
For example not everything i post is made by me, but i go thru it myself and test and then i rewrite it and make it easier and better (for example PS3 jailbreaking, there are tons of tutorials, but they are so complicated > reset push button hold for 3 secs then wait for peeps and then for 3 peeps < like wtf is this shit ?, so i go thru it and then rewrite it)

Things you MAY do!
1. You can use strong language and abuse other ppl and/or me. Person who can't take this should not have internet in the first place, but keep it under control. if you call somebody idiot, then explain yourself.

2. In the Open area topic you CAN say ANYTHING you want about ANYBODY you want. (and i mean ANYTHING you want, post whatever you want, yell, abuse..whtever you want !)

3. You can post ANYTHING if it goes into RIGHT topic, including adult content. (however things like child porn, copyright material..etc is not allowed, its rule by my hosting, not me)

4. You can also give me IDEAS about anything you want. (if it sounds stupid or evil or whatever or if its about my site or business idea..etc)

5. you can make commercial / advertisement, post your site link..etc in the following cases:
-if you have payed me to do so or we have "partnership"
-if you have guide/tutorial..etc on your site that suits into the discussion ! ofcourse you have to give direct link to that guide, not just your site and saying search for "this tutorial" (im very specific and strict about it, NO spam and NO unneccesary advertisements)

dont be afraid of the rules, because theres nothing to be afraid of. I just don't want dumb and/or childish crap on forums and also wanna keep things in RIGHT topics so other ppl can find stuff. i dont want kindergarden or mess here.

BEFORE POSTING QUESTION/S : please use the "search" button first and post into right topic !

You do not have to introduce yourself or tell me why you need this and that, if you wanna hack something or fuck something up, which sounds Evil, then simply ask, i do not need any background info, is it for personal reasons or other, if i can, i help, if not, then not. introduction has nothing to do with anything, so just don't.

and again, absolutely DO NOT edit/delete your posts (edit delete your content) ! it makes big confusion and gets you banned.
i would disable the edit option, but some ppl like to update their posts, without making new post (like update their first post with more links and info).

User Accounts - Keep in mind, that if you register an account and you do not post anything within 1 month, your account will be automatically deleted (accounts with 0 posts only, there is no activity timer).
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Re: > RULES <

Postby Sethioz » Thu Nov 03, 2011 3:53 am

I will start banning people without any warning if this shit continues, i DO NOT tolerate retards on my forum.
seen 2 today .. one posting some SHIT into hacks topic. saying "send me a hack"
how the fuck do you send a hack you moron ? learn the terms before coming here. hack is not a physical data or file you can send, hack is something you MAKE by either following a tutorial or testing yourself.

others keep sending me private messages. whole point of a forum is to fucking post it in public, so others can help you. if you send me PM, then only i see it and i cant bother even reading it if i see that it is about some hack that is already discussed on forum or should be out in public.

WHY ?? because you moronic idiots do not understand that you're not the only fucking noob asking it, i would end up explaining one thing 1000 times in one day ! so stop being selfish faggots and get it thru your dumb skulled brains that this forum is not for your personal use, but for EVERYONE. if you have a problem, then 1000 other ppl might have SAME problem, so fucking post it out in public. whenever solution is found, then everyone with same problem can read about it.

I have no doubt that humans evolved from monkeys .. as the saying goes "dust to dust" i guess same goes to "monkey to monkey"
humans sure are turning back into monkeys...

In other words, THINK before you fucking post.
movies go into MOVIES section, game hacks go into GAME HACKS. ...etc
and dont fucking make some senseless titles / subjects, like "HELP !!!" that is no topic and i'll ban your ass for making that shit.
if you need help with specific thing, then this is what you put as title, like "need for speed hacking help ?!"

cruel ? well i don't care .. world is cruel and there is no place for idiots and retards on my site.
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