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This forum is for EDUCATIONAL, INFORMATIONAL and TESTING purposes ONLY ! I DO NOT take any responsibility what readers (visitors and every person who got info from here) can do with programs, videos, links, pictures, tutorials, guides and other materials found here ! EVERYTHING on this board (forum) is meant to be used only for TESTING purposes.
DO NOT misunderstand the terms:
Proof of Concept is NOT hacking or cracking and it is NOT illegal in any way.
Exploit / Exploiting is also NOT illegal in any way. it has nothing to do with Hacking. That term includes all means to do something illegal and steal information ..etc. Please read and understand the correct terms, before saying that I am doing something illegal here.
Also do not misunderstand cracking and Recovering terms. Password cracking and Software cracking is NOT same as Password or data recovering ! If somebody loses his password and wants to recover it, then it is LEGAL to use any means to recover that password. It is LEGAL to use any tools you want on your own server or site or program to recover your lost password.
Game Hacking is also NOT same as computer hacking. Game Hacking can also be defined as Game Editing (because the things we call game hacks are not even hacks, it is simply a modified code and NOT a information stealing)

I also DO NOT take any responsibility what other forum users can post here !
ALL programs found here are freeware or trial and CAN be shared - if somebody find a program that can not be shared, then please tell me immidatly !!! Because ovbiously I have made mistake then, I DO NOT put anything else here, but freeware and trials.

ALL pictures, screenshots and videos found and discussed here are NOT confidential and have been optained from public resources (such as google, wikipedia, public sites and forums found on search engines).
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