NOTE - Please read this before complaining!!!

strongly recommended to read this first. its not long and its useful

NOTE - Please read this before complaining!!!

Postby Sethioz » Sun Jul 29, 2007 4:30 am

I am not responsible for any posts made here !
EVERYTHING found here is for educational, informational and testing purposes only!
I am not responsible for what people can do with information found here, if some idiot misuses the tool to fuck up his or somebody else's server and/or pc, then it is not my fault.
ALL screenshots/videos/audio files are also for educational and/or informational purposes only!
So do not get any bright ideas.

Q: can i get my msn back ?
A: NO. can i get my pizza now ?

Q: can you give me this tool and that ...
A: NO. I do not serve whiners. use search and if you cant find it, make a request.

Q: how you do this and that?!
A: make a post under RIGHT forum, and u may get answer.

Q: why are you messing up our stuff?
A: I have no clue what you are talking about and I think that you need to stop drinking.

Q: wtf is going on ?
A: how the fuck i should know

Q: can i ask stupid/noobish things?
A: YES you can. and you will not be warned/banned if u do it under RIGHT forum (open area, offtopic), depends whts this about)

Q: who the fuck do you think you are ??
A: I'm whoever you want me to be...

Many ppl come to me and start whining that stop using other's programs, tools stupid script kiddie.
first of all .. if you are such a hot-shot, then how comes you use microsoft pcs? why not build your own, from zero ? start off with some dirt and wood, then climb up by making machines to make hardware..etc.
secondly, I already know that santa-claus is making all the hacks, tools, scripts..etc and Real Computer specialists/Hackers getting those things from santa and only use them.

point of this ?! - If ''YOU'' idiotic moron go and say to EVERYBODY who fucks up your shit .. that they are script kiddies (no matter who it is) then WHO makes those things ? santa ? Those things (hacks, programs, tools..etc) are not just made and then made public somewhere .. those things (game hacks, server crashers, pass crackers etc) are always made ON purpose!! By somebody who needed it atm. It means that somebody wanted to hack, crash etc something and then he/she MADE this tool SPECIALLY FOR THAT, you CAN'T order hacking, cracking, crashing...etc tools from santa you know. All you can do is ask for help from specialists and even then they will tell you to fuck off.
So don't fucking come to tell me that I only use others programs and know nothing. If you say that, then it only shows your anger, jelousy and stupidity...and that you cant even google for stuff. IGNORING does not make you smart and others stupid ! It only makes you even more dumb. If thousand ppl says a stupid thing or does a stupid thing, then it will still be a STUPID thing !

Instead of coming to whine and abuse, you should LEARN from your mistakes and try to understand what happend. It's always easy to point a finger on somebody and call him/her by names and blame all your own mistakes/stupidity on her/him, but it does not solve anything !
lets say somebody crashes your server, not once, but many, many times. you start whining, whaaa what a loser aaaagh what a moron you idiot hahaha loser. then what ? your server still keeps crashing. instead of wasting your breathe and time on complaining, do some research and write a patch to your server.
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