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Game Walkthroughs / Playthroughs by Sethioz

Postby Sethioz » Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:51 am

Recently I started making some walkthroughs, because all the walkthroughs i see out there just suck, well not suck, but they play like noobs, so i decide i show how it's done :)
No matter what, i always play on hardest difficulty possible and most walkthroughs i try to make it on first go, almost everyone else out there play the game first and then make a walkthrough, so they know what to expect, but not me, i do it on the go, the first time experience FTW!

Battlefield 4 - The Best Walkthrough
This is the first time playthrough, i launched the game for the first time and started recording, i only died once and it was because friendly A.I pushed me off lol
you can see the clip here > Death by Friendly AI

Beyond: Two Souls - Special Walkthrough
This is not first time playthrough, however it is special and unique, i have removed the black bars that used to cover 20-25% of the screen for entire game (during cutscenes and gameplay), so it should give you better experience. Also there are many choices you can make in this game, so during the walkthrough i try and make different choices than i made before when i played it for first time.

The Last of Us
I've finished the game once, but haven't started the walkthrough yet, but it's in my walkthrough list.
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