GTA 5 - Prevent a PC port Petition launched

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GTA 5 - Prevent a PC port Petition launched

Postby KEN » Wed Sep 11, 2013 5:10 pm

Read about this in a simpler and nicer language: on our Blog.

Some idiot named Trevor Phillips from United States started a petition asking R* to not make a PC port for GTA 5 so that PC gamers can LEARN their lesson about pirating games.
There are all types of idiots everywhere but some are just special type. There is piracy on consoles too, and there are people who would just buy the games on PC instead of a console. Within a few hours the petition seemed to have received 1,522+ supporters most of which are those console gamers who hate PC gamers for only one reason:
PC is better than Consoles for gaming and they can only afford (or choose to spend) $200 on a console than a gaming PC.

Ofcourse there is piracy on PC and they can do nothing about it. Honestly, some games do not even deserve the money they charge. If you buy a $60 game only to realize that its full of bugs and wont run properly even on one of the most powerfull PC (like gta 4) or all the good stuff shown in Demo is removed from final version of the game (many things from Assassins Creed 3 demo which seemed good were removed) then it is actually the company stealing the money. So it just goes both ways, no one can do anything about piracy nor can we do anything about game being crap.

GTA 5 will be released on consoles within a week - September 17. 2013.
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