Splinter Cell Blacklist Review and Testing

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Splinter Cell Blacklist Review and Testing

Postby Sethioz » Thu Aug 22, 2013 11:49 pm

Well i have only launched it so far, but i already got really pissed off. again this is one of those games that throws you straight into action without any fucking options, i really hate those games.
i want to fucking configure the settings before getting thrown into action, well it seem to be some sort of in-action tutorial, but STILL .. at least i would want to configure my mouse sensitivity and graphics settings.

now to talk about performance, if you don't know what PC i have, check on my youtube.
in short, i have 8 core FX8350 @ 4.1ghz, H100 cooler, 2gb GTX 550Ti SLI and 8gb 1600mhz ram.
First, it was only 25fps, but its because SLI was not working. See how to fix SLI for Blacklist HERE
so yeah .. as i said this idiotic thing dropped me into game and had already set everything on ULTRA @ 1920x1080. 25fps with single 550Ti is not bad really. anyway, with SLI working i got 40-50fps on ULTRA, meaning EVERYTHING on max, including the "tesselation' that drops fps like rocks.
so i set shadows from ultra to low and disabled tesselation and instantly got 70-90fps.
Runs quite fine, but i will post more about it once i play thru it.

What really annoys me about nowday games, is that Cyborg R.A.T 7 is suppose to be the ultimate gaming mouse, with 5600dpi and newer RATs are like 6000 or even 6500dpi .. WHAT is the use of such mouse, if you can NEVER use that in any of the games? and yes, i mean there isn't a single game out there that allows to drop mouse sensitivity so much that i can use it on 5600dpi, im currently using it on about 4200dpi and in every game, i have to drop mouse sensitivity in the game to 0 or as low as possible, otherwise one tiny move and character spins around like 5 times (literally, i am not overreacting).
same in Blacklist ... i have to drop it to like 1200dpi, well it was default mouse settings and i have not tried to lower it in the game, but my point is ... you can never use 5600dpi in any game, unless you know how to use cheat engine or other hack tools and make a hack to drop mouse sensitivity in the game so you can set it on 5600dpi.

I've played for about 4 hours, seems like very good game, you can unlocked and buy stuff, upgrade..etc. I like the remote drone with electric darts on it lol, you can fly it around with full control over it. Also still has the very first gadgets, remote camera and sticky noise makers, quite cool i have to say.
haven't played such a good game in a while, well far cry 3 was last good game i played, rest new games have been junk really.
graphics are nothing special really.
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