Most played games Online and on Mobile devices

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Most played games Online and on Mobile devices

Postby KEN » Tue Jul 16, 2013 5:36 pm

This is based on U.S. survey only:

Funny how idiots go around saying PC gaming is dead on many forums while 63% game on pc.
Also I was surprised to see Puzzle games are most played.
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Re: Most played games Online and on Mobile devices

Postby Sethioz » Tue Jul 16, 2013 5:56 pm

PC gaming is never dead, its just kids talking shit like always.
Those surveys are also crap, because people like me, never participate in those.

Also EU people are richer in general and not so lazy, meaning that more in EU should be using PCs than in US. In US most kiddies just buy consoles because they're too dumb to build their own pc or even install games on it .. so they think its so complex and hard ..etc.
I can install game 10 times faster on PC than on console, on PS3 it takes ages to load and install games. i literally have to wait like 5 minutes in Gran Turismo 5 before it loads the track / stage .. that's nonsense, while in PC similar games load in seconds.

Puzzle is not most played, read what others are in there. puzzle is just example. and yes ofcourse they are .... they mean BASIC games that can be played in browser. .. that's the reason and it shows how lazy and dumb american kiddies are, well lot of grown ups play those games too. its easy for them to load and play lol.
They need to use one-click play like steam .. maybe thats why so many say steam is so good. well i agree, it is really comfy to just click install in steam and it does everything for you, then click play and off you go, but steam also has so many errors. i tried "lifting" my GRID 2 from pc to pc ... fucking wasted 5 hours on that bullshit ... it just didn't want to read the files. i even made backup using steam backup system and restored in other pc .. still it had to download 10% .. download WHAT?? it was up to date in my pc .. and in other it wasnt? pfff...

Actually only 1% of people who say "i am gamer" is a true gamer, rest 99% are just some drooling little twats who have no glue what they are doing, playing lot of games does not make you a gamer :)
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