What is wrong with game developers lately? they're losing it

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What is wrong with game developers lately? they're losing it

Postby Sethioz » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:04 am

Have anyone else noticed that games are going down the drain nowdays, i mean seriously down. im not just talking about gameplay, but in general, everything just sucks.

- Bioshock Infinite - i heard its good game, i got it .. and i almost vomited when i had played it for about 2 hours. it's 2013 game and graphics are worse than rainbow 6 vegas 2 from year 2008. like seriously, put both of these game names into google image search and LOOK for yourself!. R6V2 has better graphics than Bioshock Infinite..like wtf?

- GRID 2 - been waiting for it for quite a while. GRID was quite good game and ever since i heard that G2 is coming out, i've been waiting for it, turns out it's failure. Not speaking of gameplay, there is a one event type that has dynamic track, each lap can be different layout as barricades get moved, that type of event lags down to like 15fps ... wtf? and NO it is not my pc, because in other events i easily get 70fps @ 1080p high graphics. in that dynamic event i tried turning graphics down to 720p and ultra low .. but it only went up to 20fps ..da fuck? and to speak of gameplay, you start from last place (what happend to qualification ???) and first place has some super tuper turbos that makes him almost impossible to catch ...

- Resident Evil Revelations - yet another broken game. in retail version i noticed right away that aiming is jacked up, it sticks and is very sluggish. so i tried updating the game, but update 2 is completely fucked, no idea wtf they did, but using same graphics settings i had .. i only got like 10fps LOL. i tried lowering graphics, but again it is not graphics, its something else that is broken there .. causing the lag issues.

- Aliens Colonial Marines - ugh well that was complete failure, broken AI .. i mean completely broken. Alien was sitting behind a table and did not move because they are "point" activated, it means that they won't do anything unless you cross certain line ... so AI rushed ahead ofcourse and saw the alien .. started shooting at the table !!! i was looking and laughing at it for about 2 mins and it would have gone on forever. graphics in ACM are also completely fucked, i heard there was 4gb update, but never tried it. point is ... official retail release was complete nonsense.

- TDU2 - ok game is good, no doubt about it, but retail release was very jacked up. no bikes (which they had in tdu1), no SLI support ...etc and they still haven't fixed the online sessions, it is extremely hard to join same session are your friend, you click join, but nothing shows up and you end up joining some random sessions. it lags a lot, players disappear randomly ..etc. yet another broken game.

- Arma 3 alpha - ok well its in alpha, but cmon ... using XBOX 360 controller, vehicle controls are fucked up and that is only reason why i even use 360 controller, driving and flying with keyboard is idiotic and only for noobs. so to be more specific, in racing LEFT analog is steering and RIGHT analog is acceleration/brake, but in arma 3 it is swapped around!? WTF??? who was the moron who came up with that idea ... "oooh, HEY! i have an idea!! for over 10 years people have used RC cars and game controllers by having steering on left analog, why don't we swap it around and let EVERY game in world get used to it, even tho they have played other way around for years!! YEAH LETS DO IT!"
another idiotic bug, is with helicopter, rotate right and fire are mapped under same button, so if you want to fire, then you also rotate helicopter right .. and other way around. da fuck?

- ACR - Auto Club Revolution - this is free to play, so cant complain too much and they said they'll fix it, but again with controller, they have feature to map buttons the way you want, except that it automatically maps some idiotic controllers and fucks everything up, like i had Wiimote connected while ago and somehow it dug it up and started using it .. but obviously it wasnt connected to as result i had accelration 50% always on ... and then other thing that on 360 controller when i mapped brakes on analog down, it also looked back and i was not able to remap the "look behind" ... bah, do they even test their featuers??

- warz - after some patch, they fucked up graphics so bad, that when looking at big city (boulder or campos mainly), then i get like 19fps or lower ... and i have seen people with GTX680 getting same issues ... HOW can they even release something like that, don't they actually go into game to see if it even works?????????? i just DO NOT understand how they can make such idiotic things.

these are games that i remembered just from back of my head as i have played all of them and i had high hopes for all of these games. well warz is still cool, but they could at least go into game themselves and TEST.
and not to speak of the idiotic flashing HUGE ICONS in almost every game that comes out nowdays, including some retard-o-minder saying "RELOAD NOW!!!" in big fat red text in middle of screen lmfao....
they might as well remove the reload and give infinite ammo and let retards drool all over the pc while they press their fire button so hard that half a table collapses.

Well i do like Hitman Absolution's hardcore mode and same in Metro Last Light, there are no idiotic markers or icons flashing into your face, i like that and hitman is actually hard in hardcore mode, one of the hardest games ever i think.
Resident Evil Revelations is also quite hard, but what makes it hard .. is that those idiotic "monsters" just won't die, you need to shoot them like 100 times .. and you simply run out of ammo, you can't sneak past either because there is no sprint, so im not sure how you suppose to even complete it, i made infinite ammo hack for myself and it's easy as easy can be .. so only thing that makes it hard is that monsters just have ridiculous amounts of health, that's it ... that's idiotic.

Speaking of Rainbow 6 Vegas 2, now there is a difference between easy and hard modes, on hard, you have less health and take realistic damage, 1 headshot kills you. ok thats normal for hard level, BUT what is also really hard, is that enemy reaction times are realistic, they react when they see you, their view angles are increased and they see you from longer distances, they also snipe very well AND they use tactics, they flank behind you while others cover, so you cant move and they also use more grenades and they throw them tactically, this is HOW hard level should be, that enemys get smarter and faster .. and not get more health.

lol this whole topic just proves what i keep saying lately ... humans are turning into mindless monkeys. they can't make games and they can't play games...
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