GRID 2 sucks ...

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GRID 2 sucks ...

Postby Sethioz » Wed May 29, 2013 9:43 pm

i had high hopes for GRID2 and it seems like an awesome game at first, but then i realized how bad it actually is. it sucks big time.

- 1st, you are thrown into race, without knowing that button is what, no graphics settings .. NO NOTHING. like WHAT THE FUCK kind of RETARDED FUCKTARD thinks its a good idea to throw you into a race without any sort of game setup? fucking retarded morons ...

- only way to win, is drifting, it is almost as bad as FnF Tokyo Drift movie .. where they are running from their lives and drift between traffic LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i couldn't stop laughing when i saw the movie first time, so sooooo funny how movie makers think that drifting is faster than professional track racing. drifting is for FUN! and only for fun, not for fucking racing. so in other words, a 4wd car in grid 2 is USELESS, you can't drift with it and you lose the race because only way to get thru corners fast is drifting ... fucktarded handling ....idiotic, just IDIOTIC! pisses me off so bad.

- races that have dynamic track lag down to 15fps ... WTF????????????? i have graphics settings on high and i get 100fps and in those races i get 15?? obvious fuck-up in game engine.

- in very hard mode, AI car in first place has turbo super tuper ultra nitros and it is IMPOSSIBLE to beat them in some races. i was about to pass him and like with a slingshot .. it threw him 3-4 seconds in front of me .. da fuck?? fucking moronic retards need to turn off those fucking handicaps in games, its so old and IDIOTIC, they should fuck themselves with such feature ... all its good for.

- you always start from last place or close to last place ... what a moronic shit!
i mean .... why the fuck do you start from back of the grid????????????????????????? its like game from fucking 80s .... ok that idiotism was in grid 1 too, but at least it was more random and sometimes you did start from front, in grid 2 best place i started from was in middle, like 5th out of 12...

- replay angles are complete fucked from toe to head, 90% of the time it is bumper cam, so you can't even see your car, you can change camera, but its only default (back of car, side ..etc). replay should be outside, like REAL replays in real life events, Formula 1, Stock cars, Touring cars ..etc, where they show the whole even from outside of the cars (sometimes they show the in-car cam). at least all the crashes are shown from outside the car, what is the fucking point of a good damage and replay feature, if you can never even see it on replay????????????????? all you see is road .. cuz of that idiotic bumper camera LOL.

- i havent completed the game yet, but time trials seem to only have 1 lap and you cant even time trial on all tracks (time trial / practice). ... ..... . ...............................

Game sure has potential, but this is what game devs do nowdays ... they take a perfectly GOOD game and fuck it up their ass so hard that its unplayable ...
I mean, graphics are good, game runs like a dream even on high settings (except that idiotic dynamic event where it lags), visual damage is cool, effects are cool ..etc, but playability is just nearly nonexisting. ...

All that said, this game deserves a reward "worst disappointment of 2013"
in fact i got so pissed with this game that i started hacking it 1 hour after testing it out, i never do that, i always beat the game without hacks and then i'll make some hacks, but this game is just useless. i'll do some hacks for it and maybe some crash videos and then trash it. crash videos are extremely hard to make, cuz of those FUCKING IDIOTIC camera angles!
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