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Ghost Recon Online

Postby PinPoint » Mon May 27, 2013 11:55 pm

I have been playing this game for the past week and i have to say im impressed. Its free to download and play, although you have the option of purchasing GC to give you a better edge when playing so you can buy upgraded ammo, better weapon etc. You dont need to buy GC to get this stuff though, just saves you earning requisotion points.

There are 3 classes to chose from. recon, specialist and assault.

This class makes use of sniper rifles and sub machine guns. you get class specific devices, and the twonto choose from for the recon are cloak and oracle. Cloak is invisibility, with a slight blur and oracle is a wallhack with a range of 50-70 metres. You can upgrades these devices as you level up your class

This class makes use of light machine guns and shotguns. The class specific decoces are, aegis shield and shock. The aegia shield emitts a shield woth a diamater of about 10m, allowing other players to be shielded, the shock device is like an emp which stops all devices untill the recharge.

This class has assault rifles and shotguns. The devices are riot shield and heat. The ruit shield allows younto charge at the enemy shielded from the front knocking down whomever you hit and the heat blurrs the enemy screeen and damages them, works through walls and keeps enemys subdued allowing your team to advance.

The devices all have a recharge rate and can last aa long as about 20 seconds on a full use.

You can ipgrade your weapon attatchments as well as ammo and test it out innthe solo firing range.

This game for me is a near perfect tactical shooter, with teamwork prevailing over the rambo-ists. Every map is a dominationntype game with 1 to 5 capture points which you can only capture in order. ie from one side of a tunnel to the next.

Definately worth downloading and trying. You only need to create a uplay account and its free from there.

There is a clan system and clan matches are a usual occurance with tournaments being held routinly. The european cup is on thirsday onwards. There are not many decent clans atm but in the future i could see this game being more popular than cod and bf.

Add me if any of you get the game. Pinpoint1337
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Re: Ghost Recon Online

Postby Sethioz » Tue May 28, 2013 3:12 am

seems good, but im not really into PvP. i like games like killing floor, warz, dayz ..etc. that's also why i chose warz over dayz, there's too much PvP in dayz, well mostly all of it. that's also why i don't really play BF series.
but who knows .. maybe i'll check it out after all. make some hacks or something.
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