DeadZ / Dead Z - scam or real?

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DeadZ / Dead Z - scam or real?

Postby Sethioz » Thu May 09, 2013 10:20 pm

There's game called "DeadZ" which is clone of WarZ early beta, there are rumors that people who hacked into WarZ stole their source code and everything else related to it and then made their own warz, called deadz.

on WarZ forums, people are saying their launcher has keylogger in it .. that doesn't make much sense, why would anyone go thru SO MUCH trouble .. just to keylog people? .. specially poor people, who don't have money to buy warz so they get free deadz, now really?
however i might be wrong, i will check it out for sure.
from other side .. it does smell like scam, since they are using some freehostings and 1 of the mirrors is shut down (website is not loading). that tells a thing or two already. people who would really want to work on a project, would not be using some retarded freehostings .. hmm.
we'll see ..

they call it the first warz private server, but it's more like whole game lol.
it's been out there for maybe 2 weeks by now.
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