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Gaming - Tactics, Aiming, Hardware ..etc (tips & tricks)

Postby Sethioz » Fri Mar 29, 2013 10:01 pm

This topic is to generally discuss gaming, how, why, where ..etc
I have included 2 demonstration videos of my gameplay, i have lot of critics who bitch and moan that i hack because i have no skill .. bah lol (i hack for FUN .. and profits)
These videos are here to silence those little dumb critics for good.
Below, i will explain in detail, why i'm just that good and what you can do to improve your gaming experience.

Killing Floor gameplay - Superior Tactics and GOD-like aim:

Race Driver GRID gameplay - 5 lap race with Mazda 787B on tight and hard track

Hardware and Setup:

Mouse - Cyborg RAT 7
Yes, this is my mouse. it is very good for games, it is 5600dpi (useless in some games, cuz if you turn sensitivity on 0 in games, its still way too fast, so i turn it down to like 1000dpi in some games).
What makes this mouse better than others, is the adjustable shape. people who use some Logitech, Razer ..etc .. might think "pfff ... mine is BEST" but it isn't, RAT is the best mouse because of the adjustable shape. You can adjust the shape of it, to fit perfectly in your hand and that increases your aiming skill a lot.
if you never tried, you never know what i talk about, but this video is proof of my god-like aim.

Keyboard - Cyborg V7
Not the most important part of gaming, in fact keyboard doesn't really increase or decrease your gaming ability. As long as keyboard feels smooth and nice, it's all good, so go with what feels fine. I like V7, because of the wrist rest at bottom, its comfy and buttons are also quite smooth and it feels nice too + 12 programmable buttons, but they come in handy in games like ArmA2 / DayZ where you need to use lot of stuff, so extra keys are good.

Monitor - Acer 27'' IPS
This is definitely one of the most important things when gaming. IPS and LCD is not such a big deal, but after i got IPS, i don't ever want to use LCD again. IPS is crystal clear and more realistic colors. Also having 27'' gives you a good edge in aiming, you have bigger area to aim at.
Even tho it is 27 inch, resolution is still same as 24 inch monitors have (1920x1080), so 27 inch monitor shows everything little bit bigger than they appear on 24'' monitor, making it easier to aim.
However if you have too big monitor, like 42'', then downside will be that you won't be able to see whole monitor at once, unless you are further away from monitor, but then you won't see small details so well. 42'' might improve your aim even more, but decrease the chances of seeing the surroundings.
I think that 29-32'' monitor for gaming is as big as you should ever go. to be honest, 27'' seems bit too big, i can't see whole monitor at same time, i have to turn my head little bit to see what is going on around edges.
Also there are those Sony 3D glasses, not sure what it's called, the whole media center that goes around your head, monitor + surround sound, that can be good for gaming, but i have no experience

Sound - 5.2 surround
Sound system is also very important, even tho lot of "real gamers" LOL ... don't pay attention to sound at all. so whoever calls himself a real gamer and uses some shitty headphones, is idiot :)
there are surround sound headphones, which can actually be better than just surround sound system, but i haven't tested.
I have 5.2 surround sound (5 speakers and 2 subwoofers). I can hear everything that is going on around me (behind, sides ..etc). So if someone is sneaking behind me, i don't have to turn around and look for him/her, i can just turn and shoot toward the sound and 99% of case i hit the target.
So to me, it is very important to have surround sound system in games.

Accessories - NIA
There are lot of things that can improve your gaming, but one interesting thing that i have is NIA (Neural Impulse Actuator). If you don't know what it is, it's the headband thing that reads your brainwaves and you can control games using that, its extremely hard to master and somewhat "broken", but it does come in handy.
For example, when you aim and shoot with your mouse, just before you press the "fire" button, you make a slight movement with mouse, its because of your hand muscles. Just like when taking a picture using your camera / phone, just before you click the button, you move camera slightly because of your muscles when you press the button.
Using NIA, you can eliminate this issue by mapping fire onto NIA. i used it few times and it also improves reaction times. I used "tension" as fire, so even if you get exited then you would automatically fire, so if you use NIA, you must remain calm and must focus on game 100%, you can't drink, smoke ..etc or so anything like that or your character goes nutz in game :)

Accessories - Controller
This is a must have in racing and flying games. i'm using normal PS3 controller connected to pc.
In racing games, using keyboard you can only do 0% or 100% of throttle / steering, which makes your racing experience chunky and bumpy ... useless. you lose so much time on those small adjustments, this is what most dumb kids and "real gamers" do not realize and then they call me "cheater" if i beat them 1 on 1 challenge where we both have same vehicle and setup.
Even tho you can master racing using keyboard, you can NEVER outperform controller. it is not matter of skill, it is simply impossible, because everytime you click keyboard button, you already lose some time due the "twitching" that your car makes. Same goes for flying, in DayZ me and Magic made a small test, 12km flight, he was using keyboard i was using controller and i won by 3km, that difference is significant.

Accessories - Racing wheel + Pedals
This is a must have in simulation racing games, such as LFS, LFS2, GTR, GTR2, rFactor ..etc
In those games, controller is not enough, even tho controller is useable and you can play quite well using controller, racing wheel is a lot easier to use.
I got some old Logitech racing wheel + pedals.
In DayZ, i mapped some stuff on pedals, like vehicle acceleration / brakes, which left mouse empty. The way i drove vehicles in DayZ, is that i use pedals to accelerate / brake, mouse to look around and controller to steer, giving me MORE control than keyboard noobs.
I can look around while i drive, keyboard noobs can't do all that at same time + they can't make smooth movements as explained before.

Graphics card - 2gb GTX 550 Ti SLI
This is least important in my eyes, as long as you can run games above 50fps, it's all good, you don't have to have max graphics either, but its good to see things clearly, rather than pixelated at lower graphics, however i don't see this getting in the way at all. You can still play well at lower graphics.
I don't go under 1080p resolution tho, i always play at 1080.

PC Setup and Surroundings
This is yet another important thing that most "gamers" don't pay any attention to. To me, it is very important to be in quiet place, not having some loud music bumping at background or people blabbering on background ..etc and also comfy chair is a must have.
I have a normal leather pc chair, with softened hand rests, however when i play, i always take a pillow or blanket and put it on my laps, so i can rest my elbows on it, it steadies my hands even more and my hands won't get tired either.

Another important thing, is lighting in your room.
Lot of people think that playing in total darkness is good idea .. WRONG. it fucks your eyes up bad. You need just enough light, so that your PC monitor does not light up your room or does not reflect to you either. Let me explain ..
If you turn your monitor off, then you should not be able to see any change in light in your room, if you do, you need more light in your room.
but you can't have too much light either, if you have too much, you still fuck your eyes up, because you can't clearly see monitor. so ceiling lights are a NO NO.
I have 1 light that is turned toward the ceiling, lighting room up just enough.
I can't explain this better than that, you must just feel what is good for your eyes, if your eyes start to hurt from monitor, it is NOT because you have been behind PC too long, it is because of poor lighting solution in your room. TRUST ME, i know. well 20h + behind pc, yes your eyes would start to hurt even if you're doing anything else 20h straight, reading or whatever, that's normal.

IQ / Tactics
Last, but not least .. you need IQ. if you are retarded .. then you simply can't beat a real, intelligent gamer.
Notice how i play in KF, how i do not go into places where you can die and how i rarely got hit. I can't explain this, i just know where to go and when. I have played KF for a good 5 years i think (not daily, maybe once a month, once a week .. sometimes taking 3-4 month break..etc) and everytime i die (shit happens), then 90% of cases whole map will fail, because everyone will die, but 90% of the sessions in KF, i'm always the last one standing, because of my superior tactics.

Same in racing, i just know how and where to turn and in next lap, i just feel that i can improve a certain corner and i go faster and faster each time, until laws of game physics make it impossible to go any faster.

It's same in every game, to me games just seem toooo easy. Like latest Resident Evil 6 .. i started it off on "No Hope" difficulty (hardest you can have) and i found it too easy, i did die few times, but it was because i wasn't used to game interface and controls, but i did not find anything that hard.
as a note, my aim accuracy in RE6 was avarage of 75% (73 - 80% in each chapter) and that was first time playing.

If you think you know some tricks and tips to improve your gaming skills, go for it, post about it.
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