Far Cry 3 review

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Far Cry 3 review

Postby Sethioz » Sat Dec 08, 2012 2:05 am

great game in general, but im VERY disappointed in "warrior" difficulty (hardest you can choose).
it is too damn easy. you have all those flashing icons left and right, showing you exactly where to go or what to do and what to pick up, no fun at all.
+ enemys are so easy to defeat, they are so dumb and their visual distance sucks quite a lot.
i mean .. if you look towards a running person on an open area, you would notice them from as far as they see you, but AI can't see shit. i expected warrior level to be so hard, that they notice you from far away (from as far as you can see, unless you are in grass, hidden).
I died maybe 2 times during the game because of enemy and it was only because weapon switch got stuck or because it started reloading and did not switch to other weapon.
in total maybe died like 10 times, but those were from dumb things, like sliding down a rock and died.

I really like the wildlife in this game, it's extremely awesome and unique. you can get jumped by a tiger in middle of woods, but again, they are not really dangerous, you can beat them without dieing every time you get attacked.

there's also some mystical stuff in it, which reminded me Tomb Raider a lot. it really came as a surprise and made game a lot more interesting.
chasing after these "artifacts" and those underground caves with temples and other buildings in there (just like in tomb raider), really cool touch i have to say.
there are no actual monsters, but there are few places where you have to fight something that isn't really ... human or animal. these things were kind of a "dream monsters", but still cool. basically it wasn't exactly explained whenever it was an actual dream or not.

extremely cool feature is crafting. you have to craft new stuff. for example at beginning you can only carry 1000 money, you have to craft bigger wallet to be able to carry more. largest wallet can carry 10000 money.
same with weapons, you only got 1 weapon slot to start with, you end up with 4. you have to kill animals and skin them and then craft better stuff from skins. grenade packs, weapon pouch, wallet ..etc
you also need to kill sharks for certain things, which is very cool.

wildlife is definetly really, really awesome. there are so many different animals. also there are birds and fish ..etc

overall i really liked the game, but again .. not much to do. finished it in 2-3 days. i still got few relics to collect and few side missions to do, but 90% is complete. was very easy.
taking outposts is also extremely easy.
even tho i like the game, i hate the difficulty, but again this is what nowday games have came to ... even complete retard can complete it on hardest difficulty, it sucks a lot.
on hardest difficulty, they should REMOVE everything that helps you, just like they did in Hitman Absolution. that all you got, is your eyes and screen. no markers, no meters, no ammo counters..etc
they should remove all that and make feature to check ammo, like pull magazine out and show it up close, so you can count them yourself.
also if you look at map, it should be visual feature, like in far cry 2, where he pulls map out during gameplay. and same with GPS, you just hold it in your hand and look at it, not virtual, but actual GPS gadget.
oh well .. i hope they improve games after they are done playing with their graphics. FC3 really has good graphics, not amazing, but good.
i got it at 1920x1080, shadows low, other stuff between medium and high, but it does have very high and ultra high settings. i get easy 30 - 50fps with my settings. however super graphics won't really increase anything.
i don't mind having a game 50gb in size, as long as it has long story and lot of features. features don't take space anyway, graphics and audio is what takes most of space.
also what i hate in new games, is that they give away how much stuff they have in game in total, ruins the "surprise" moments. sucks big time.
what i mean, is that in FC3, in your handbook, you see "vehicles driven 0/12" so you know there are 12 vehicles total in game, sucks!!!
also it shows 0/38 missions ..etc. it shows you everything. so you know how much stuff there is. This is retardness they add into every new game. like there is some unlock screen or stats screen that shows you everything in beginning of game, it really, really sucks and makes it boring. it's almost as bad as knowing the end before you start.

anyway i recommend this game. definetly top 5 in 2012. Story mode is also cool. Mass Effect 3 has best story of 2012 in my opinion and Far Cry 3 being 2nd i think. Can't remember any other games with good story atm.

All time best stories definetly go to Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3. Far Cry 3, Command & Conquer Tiberium Wars and definetly Tomb Raider 1 - 5 (3rd being best game and story).
I really like games where story is turned upside down, something you really did not expect at all. Best surprise moment is in Tiberium Wars. just when i thought game is over ... something unthinkable happend.
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