DayZ - rMod enabled - modded server now online !

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DayZ - rMod enabled - modded server now online !

Postby Sethioz » Sun Oct 28, 2012 3:24 pm

Sethioz Industries DayZ server is now online and open for public.

we have rMod enabled + our custom mods to add more zombies and few other things.
- lot of new weapons, silenced sniper rifles, sileneced SCAR with thermal scope ..etc now available !
- tanks and other armored vehicles now in our server
- humvees and other cool vehicles added
- new helicopters added, such as Russian Mi24 and Osprey
- custom building spawns, yes we have built 2 custom bases that spawn zombies and loot. they do not appear on map, so you can call them secret bases.
- we can build bases on demand :)
- and lot more ... we are working on it all the time to make it even better and more awesome than original DayZ

best part about this server, is that you DO NOT need legit game to play in our server. you can use keygen to generate a random cd-key and you can join in!
also if you are globally banned from battleye, you can still play in our server.
we have BattleEye and Gotcha anti-hack enabled to prevent script kiddies ruining it for all.

however it is not free to play, permanent access to server can be optained here: ... uct_id=216

- price might change in future, this is mostly to keep idiot kids out who just like to fuck up whole server just for "fun". we have nice gaming environment for professional gamers who like to play the game like it was happening in real, without have to worry about some noob teleporting you and make you lose everything.
we monitor everything manually, if something like that happens, person who did it, will be banned and victims will get their gear back and restored to whereever they were.
we make regular database backups, so there is no need to worry that you die because of some glitch, if you do, we can restore your character.

also we will start taking requests for items, weapons and vehicles on Store.

NOTE - with that order on store, you will also get our custom mods, rmod + installation instructions
if you want to download our mods and rmod seperate, its all free here, but that still won't allow you to join. you need to get access first.

if you have any questions or suggestions, post here.
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