Prototype 2 review

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Prototype 2 review

Postby Sethioz » Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:49 am

It was definetly one of the games in my play list, however im disappointed in it.

basically it's prototype 1, with whole new story and you're playing as james heller, not as mercer, which kind a sucks even more.
everything else is nearly same. bit better effects.
only 1 new weapon, while others have been removed.
has only 5 ability weapons.
claws - tendrils - blade - hammerfish - whipfist

tendrils is new weapon, which is quite awesome, but rest is same old lame.

there are lot of small changes, like that shield is now assigned to a button and can be used quickly while in combat and reflect rockets and attacks.
lamest change is jump, you can't charge the jump. as soon as you press "jump" button, you will jump, instead of charging, waiting for right moment, then releasing the jump button and getting the charged up high jump. its really annoying, got me killed so many times.

no new vehicles ...
same old shit, APC and Tank and 2 helicopters, attack helicopter and blackhawk like helicopter for transporting.

same with human weapons, nothing new. 2 different machine guns, grenade launcher and missile / rocket launcher.
However cool change is that you can rip off tank/apc/heli weapons and use them in hand.

also events have been removed, which makes it suck even more. There are few side-missions, like destroying few hives, collecting blackboxes and destroying field operations, but there are only few.

there's some USELESS "hunt" ability, which is made for complete retarded imbecils. i hate it how they ruin games by making them for imbecils only.
so what does this hunt do, it's like a sonar that can detect where your target is, except that every time you are even able to use it to find someone, you see a BIG TEXT on your screen "USE HUNT" <<< made for IMBECILS!!! what is the point of such abilites, if game is just a big walkthru using hints ???
they could just teach it ONCE and in other places it is up to you, how you find your target.

sadly it's true, that game companys don't make games anymore, just some retarded movie-type walkthrus, where you can't make your own decisions and have to play only ONE way.

in general game is good, but so was prototype 1. what makes it suck, is that they took out lot of stuff that can make it playable for longer. i haven't even finished it yet and it's already getting boring, because i have discovered every new feature ... just boring.

even same old crappy bugs exist, for example if you grab human, throw him/her against the wall with FULL STRENGHT, so blood splatters all over the place and then before human hits the ground, grab him/her again .. ... and he/she is alive again ! you can do that as many times as you want, they never die this way. they couldn't even fix such stupid bug ...

another lame bug, is sound. in prototype 1, sound volume was very low. and guess what ? it hasen't changed. i have to crank up the volume to max to actually hear anything.

at least it has 3 different islands, but in cost of main map being cut off and called "dead zone". so map size is about same really, maybe bit bigger in total. ofcourse you can't fly over sea, you have to use "air bridge" feature to change islands.

Prototype 2 is definetly made using SameOldShit
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