GTA IV - crashes and accidents videos

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GTA IV - crashes and accidents videos

Postby Sethioz » Mon Jan 16, 2012 5:58 pm

Crashes and Accidents
Crashes and Accidents 2
Crashes n Accidents 3.0 The Winter Fun

I made this to discuss these videos, if anyone has any ideas / suggestions, post them up, but make it original and detailed.
I have spent 3-4 days on part 3 already. Takes like hour to make 1 good crash / accident. In part 3 im using trainer to make things more interesting.
It's close to a movie making. i have to coordinate each crash / accident and then get the camera angles right too. also im using real car mods and modified damage myself.
One of the crashes that it will include, i spawned Packer, added bomb to it, then parked it behind barriers, added some peds standing behind it, like some workers or boss's discussing stuff, then i took lamborghini reventon, "lost control" on purpose and crashed right into them all and then detonated the bomb in packer.

i might do even 4th part.
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