Afterfall Insanity - [Review/Discussion]

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Afterfall Insanity - [Review/Discussion]

Postby MagicalSilence » Tue Dec 06, 2011 9:40 pm

I was looking through for something fun to play and Encountered this... Afterfall Insanity
Its a Horror/survival/shooter

The Game shares interesting quality's from Dead space,Doom,RE4.
Graphics are not the Best but not the worst either,using Unreal engine making it quite smooth.
Somehow it reminds me Doom 3 for the facility you play in most of the time and enemy's are either Humans or Mutants with Bosses as Big fat Orc and Robot etc also Fear factor is present in the game as its Mostly 70% in the dark with flashlight higher the fear (darker the place) worse the aim is :P
Weapon arsenal is quite descent many variable choice of all type of weapons from melee to ranged
Ammo availability is not so big but its more than enough
Game uses Checkpoint methods no game saves making it interesting.

In overall i think its one of best horror fps ive had chance to play so far =/

the only negative thing i hated tho was the controls in some parts of the game.. kinda like in Dead Space
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