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Deus Ex Human Revolution - review / discussion

Postby Sethioz » Thu Nov 24, 2011 6:46 am

anyone else, who have played mass effect, resident evil (4 / 5) and metal gear solid, games have noticed similarieties ?
it is so copied off of metal gear solid series and mass effect, then just mixed those 2 games together and inventory system is exactly like resident evil 4 and 5 1st / 3rd person style, which i find most interesting actually.

however story is so much like MGS series, where you end up running between start and end of the whole map several times and each time something changes, one area is shut off and another area opened, just like in MGS.

my opinion about the game, too short. otherwise kick ass. graphics are nothing special, quite bad actually compared to other new games, but still ok. just that it really was short and also areas / maps are too small, not much to explore.
i really like the idea that there are more than 1 way to complete missions and more than 1 way to get there. in some areas you can find more than 4 different ways leading to objective, one being some vent, in case you have no ammo, other being right thru robots and soldiers.
end of the game .. well 4 choices, but it changes nothing, you just see different pictures and hear different text at ending, nothing special really ..
could at least give you option to start new game with completed content and some extra, based on how you completed the game.

Missing LInk .. what can i say, this is so copied off of metal gear solid 2 beginning. on that ship.

even tho its copied off of other games, at least they copied it off of very good games, one of the top games (resident evil 4 and 5, mass effect 1 and 2, metal gear solid all main parts), result aint bad at all, but again ..way too short.
after all .. there isnt much that they can make out anymore, so they have to copy it off of other games, either intentionally or not.
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