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Dead Island - secrets / tricks / hidden stuff / discussion

Postby Sethioz » Sat Sep 24, 2011 12:03 am

I googled bit about it and saw some retarded noobs mumbling that they have searched whole game and finished it many times and havent found any of those "developer weapons" and other monkey-brained morons saying that they found them, but wont share.

im talking about those mysterious weapons, like "defender of motherland" and "mccalls 9mm" "crowdpleaser" and few others.
i dont think those are developer weapons, they are simply bonus weapons that can be optained by collecting and placing those hidden skulls. i don't know tho, because there's not much info about dead island on google.

so does anyone know skull locations and where to place them ? i have seen only two and found 3 skulls.
one of them is in sewers somewhere and damn i cant remember others. one was in some shop i think.
skull insertion points are marked with big arrow on the wall.

2 places where you can put skulls in place, one of them is in resort. first mission, where you have to take the paddle and go out to help sinamon. face that building where you came out, then go left, there is a bunker on the far end of the route. help the guy out, then go into bunker. from there go into the sewer fast access portal, you will be taken to another bunker. there is an iron door and some red gas tanks, throw one near door and shoot it or make it blow up, it will break the door down, behind that door, there is a room and place for blue skull.

place for violet / red / purple / orange (i cant remember which color it was exactly) is somewhere in moresby, in an abondoned house (not the one called abondoned house). its the one in fire, there is skull insertion point in kitchen. quite hard to see.

anyone knows more locations ?
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