Post article about SEO in phpbb3!!

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Post article about SEO in phpbb3!!

Postby redfootagebooby » Wed Mar 16, 2011 7:14 am

Hello, It would be great if you tell me how can i use SEO in phpbb3 such as that some topics can be hide completely from showing useless content such as forms, links to profiles, or links that spiders should not or could not access,
How to generate topic title in google search!!

Thanks! Please tell in your own words! I did not get it reading from Thats why im asking here!
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Re: Post article about SEO in phpbb3!!

Postby Sethioz » Wed Mar 16, 2011 7:43 pm

i have no idea what SEO is, but as others.

you need to learn basic php. use "hidden" to hide forms.
links to profiles ?? no idea what profiles you are talking about. use http link code ... dude its BASICs of internet ..
spiders, again this is BASIC php/html. where you can hide bots from seeing some links. for example you google for something and see the preview text, but when you clikc the link it says you have to be registered. its made so googlebot can access it, but non other user agent can. so changing your user agent to googlebot you can access them ... basics.
you can generate anything in google, google is a big crawler and it lists what it sees, hacking into google is offtopic.

i dont understand, why you keep asking me things that has nothing to do with me or my site ? i dont use any SEO and that site below does not exist either.
i dont use any SEOs and i dont hack into google to list some topic title, if google cant find it, then your site is shit.
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