[CHALLENGE]Hack this 'game'

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[CHALLENGE]Hack this 'game'

Postby TeamRetox » Thu Jan 21, 2010 5:56 pm

OmG Guiz! 4Ftar I surcht g00g3l f0rz t3h 1337 h4x0rz f0r diz g4m33 1 Th1nkD M3B3 h33r R g00d PlC3 2 4$K F0 H4x!

G4M3 R 1N T3H TT4CTIC4LM3Nt k? 4Nd 4ls0 m3b3 gud th1ng I f00nd 0N Th33r F00rmz(1Z IGame.h) :
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#pragma once

struct IPlayer
   virtual int GetHealth() = 0;
   virtual void SetHealth(int health) = 0;

struct IGame
   virtual IPlayer *GetLocalPlayer() = 0;
   virtual IPlayer *GetExternPlayer() = 0;
   virtual bool IsGameFinished() = 0;
   virtual void RetWinningPlayer() = 0;
   virtual void ResetPlayers() = 0;
   virtual void StartNewGame() = 0;

I w4Nt 2 W11N Fr0M T3H FA1GB0T1!!11

The rules:
1. Upload your source code only(no dll's) and post it here. People with correctly working 'hacks' will be added to the list below.
2. Keep this thread clean from spam
3. Have fun

A translation of the noobspeak above can be found inside the rar!
List of people who've completed this 'challenge'

P.S. Challenge was made for mpgh.net, feel free to solve it anyway ;)
The game
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