Skype update annoyance, how to remove?!

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Skype update annoyance, how to remove?!

Postby Sethioz » Fri May 03, 2013 11:25 pm

Recently i've been getting that stupid skype update popup, even tho i have DISABLED the updates. i even contacted skype and they said you're getting it via windows update ... RIGHT .... what idiocy, but again skype is related to microSHITsoft, so no wonder they're on their way into shithole. in short, i don't even have windows update feature, i have removed it completely (using vLite before i even installed windows, i took it out of installation).

on my netbook, zonealarm detected the update service and blocked it, but on some reason under gay 7 i can't seem to get that notice, if i allow skype into internet, it keeps hitting me with that pop up.

So first steps i tried, was some packet capture, but ... DA FUCK .. skype sends like 10000 - 30000 packets before you are even logged in, no wonder it takes ages to login, WTF is it doing? need to analyze it, obviously it is https, so you can't even see shit, they must be up to something for sure.
so WPE pro and other packet interceptors are not much use, or maybe update check is not ssl, not sure, i only ran quick check.

Next thing, i tried to replace version info with reshacker, but then skype didn't even boot up.
tried same thing using hex editor and also got errors, wonder if it has some sort of integrity check, but if so, how?!

I guess next step is to debug skype.exe and find the update popup box and remove it.

anyone got any other ideas?
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