Skype, aka. Spyware?

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Skype, aka. Spyware?

Postby Legu » Sun Sep 22, 2013 10:49 am

Allright, I think Skype does not need a introduction. It is probaly one of the programs nobody really knows how it works/does. Either way, I have encountered something really strange lately.
The picture included is the result of it.

My guess: Skype sends all the data to Microsoft, and if the user sends a message to another user which inlcudes a link, skype will kinda much "wget" the contents of the link and send it to microsoft. If the link though inlcudes a file that is too big for some reason and the file does not get sent correctly to microsoft, a pointer error occures.

Other things that are worth to mention:
    This error only happens, if you try to shutdown the computer.
    It mostly happens with videos that are longer than 30min.
    The error prevents a shutdown, meaning that you have to take action. (Click on "ok", ugh)

My coinspiracy theory might be a bit too harsh, but if you have better ideas, let me hear!
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Re: Skype, aka. Spyware?

Postby Sethioz » Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:15 am

that is interesting indeed, never seen that before, but i know 2 things:
1. skype does not hide your IP, meaning you have direct connection with others (even when loading their display pic, skype does it direct, so if you sign-in, you will get everybody's IPs)
2. when tranferring files, skype is extremely sluggish, compared to others, like MSN. so it must be doing something to slow it down.

get a packet editor and monitor, see where it connects to.
i had a fight with skype's automatic update even when i turned it OFF, but i fixed it by making "SkypeSetup.exe" read only, i made empty file and renamed it and set it to read only, so skype can't create the file and therefore won't automatically download the idiotic update. so its possible it spys on you, because this is ONLY way to "turn off" automatic updates. i tried blocking IPs, but it didnt help much, since skype has too many servers.
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