nVidia GTX680 2gb Gainward Phantom Review and Testing

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nVidia GTX680 2gb Gainward Phantom Review and Testing

Postby Sethioz » Mon Sep 02, 2013 2:52 am

I just replace my 2gb GTX550Ti SLI for 2gb GTX680 Phantom and ive been testing it out.
Well here are results from few games:

Crysis 3 - 1920x1080 - everything maxed out (AA ..etc)
45 - 70fps (that includes AA on 16x ..etc)
GPU temp 66C with fan speeds on max

Far Cry 3:
1920x1080 - Absolute MAX (ULTRA settings) - 40 - 55fps (including AA 8x and other things)
GPU temp 63-64C with fan speeds on max
Disabled AA and set other filter onto SSOA and got 70 - 145fps, i didn't even see any visual change to be honest.

Need for Speed Shift 2:
1920x1080 - Absolute MAX settings - 40 - 90fps (with GPU usage on only 30-40%, shift 2 has just absolute crap engine)
GPU temp on around 42C only.
so yeah, Shift 2 simply has crap engine.

Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV):
Everything on max, including AA and view distance ..etc. Says it takes 1200mb of video RAM, but i don't think it took over 800mb
getting only 40 - 60fps, where 45 is most of the time with lag spikes
GPU usage only 40-70% (most of the time around 45%
GPU Temp around 45C ..so clearly GTA IV engine has issues and it simply can't run higher than that fps. maybe cuz i have few mods installed ?! (Iron man mod and 2 map addons)
If anyone have got higher FPS in GTA IV, reply here, i would really like to know what you need to do in order to get higher FPS in GTA IV.

another game that has crap engine is Supreme commander (1 and 2), where you just get lag no matter what. in fact not fps lag, but you get game lag, for example if in real time 5 hours go by, then in game only 1 hour goes by, and NO, this is not a time difference, game shows session time in real seconds, minutes, hours, it just slows down if you have over 1000 units in play at once. if you set 1000 unit cap and have 8 players, then with 8000 units its even worse, 1h in game can be like 10h in real time. i don't have this game anymore, so i can't test, but i already know it isn't graphics card or CPU, I tested it in past with dual-core and quad-core, no difference in FPS or the time issue.

Video Review is here:
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