Leap Motion - Review, Testing and thoughts

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Leap Motion - Review, Testing and thoughts

Postby Sethioz » Sat Aug 10, 2013 6:44 pm

I finally received my Leap Motion yesterday, been testing it out since. It's really amazing device. lot better than any other touchless device i've tried. I have tested out Wii remote controllers on PC, to control mouse and buttons, they work quite well i have to say, but not so accurate. I also have P5 Glove, that old one, but its too big and it acts as mouse and cannot be seperated from mouse, at least not on windows 7. so if you have that glove on your hand, you can't really type or do anything else, but Leap is truly touchless, it just sits on your desk and that's it, no need to hold it or have anything in your hand. Accuracy is very awesome.

There's a touchless app for windows, but it has small sensitivity / accuracy issues, im sure it is adjustable via Tablet / Touch panel in windows 7, i just haven't got to it yet.

It is not replacement for mouse, but very close to it, touchless can be used to left and right click. works fine in google maps, but can't get it working on google earth, there's option in google earth "non mouse controller" but still doesn't seem to work, maybe cuz i had touchless running at same time.

it's still very new technology and only very few have the Leap, so i hope they make lot of improvements in future. I tested better touch tool for MAC and it works far more better than windows touchless. you can define your custom movements, like "finger up" would increase volume and "finger down" would decrease volume. there are about 20 movements to select from (clap hands, 2 fingers swipe, 3 fingers swipe ..etc and they work perfectly, it detects clearly if you have 2 or 3 fingers up)

I had problems getting touchless to work on win 7 tho, seems like "Tablet PC Input Service" needs to be running in order to be able to use touchless (its windows 7 service that you can access via services.msc). Also Leap service stops working if you unplug the device and re-plug and some other small issues, other than that it works great.

Here are few pics:
http://sethioz.com/gallery/displayimage ... play_media
http://sethioz.com/gallery/displayimage ... play_media

and yes, those are made by me, just thought i do something unique and make pics outside, in grass :)

Video - Review + Testing:

as usual to rotten Apple .. you can't really remove/delete/uninstall any of the programs you have installed via Airspace, this is why i am Apple hater, i hate iPhones, i hate iTunes and everything that is made by Apple. Leap Motion is ok, but starts to fucking annoy me. It really gets on my nerves how they fucking SPY on you and won't let you delete anything .. oh yeah did i forgot to mention that each of those apps take about 60-100mb space? so yeah .. if you have SSD that is like 128gb or under .. you will have problems if you try out all apps and then wanna get rid of them, it just doesn't happen.
You can drop it into trash, but it doesn't actually delete anything LOL, i don't know why trash is even there, if it doesn't remove anything.
so if you want to delete apps, you must find those files physically and fucking delete them, then use JV16 power tools or regedit and delete all registry entries.
VERY annoying indeed!

Leap Motion dual monitor bug - very annoying!
I'm using 2 monitors, 27'' IPS and 24" LCD, both have same resolution - 1920x1080. one connected via HDMI (mini HDMI output on GPU) and other is DVI to HDMI (DVI on GPU).
so .. my GPU prefers the DVI as primary, the bios goes onto that monitor ..etc, while in windows it makes no difference, i can use nVidia control panel to set primary.
i used to have hdmi as primary, but since bios and all other stuff goes onto DVI, i swapped them cuz of Leap.

What happens? Leap motion keeps going crazy if i use touchless for windows, i see the touch circle on my primary monitor, but clicks will happen on other monitor, in exact same place where the circle is on my primary monitor. i don't get it. at first, i thought it is because of the primary monitor thing, this is why i swapped the cables and it was ok, but now its back again! leap motion's clicks happen in secondary monitor, but i see the circle on primary...

damn people .. WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with you? its not like we live in 90s, where computer was a super luxury and had only 1 monitor ...
everyone who use "toys" like Leap .. will most likely have more than 1 monitor.
cmon Apple .. how can you release something that doesn't work with dual monitors? i bet same shit happens with 3 or more monitors too.

There's no known fix to this crap .. other than swapping your monitor cables and just set primary and secondary manually. when i swap the cables, then nVidia settings does not need to be changed, it is not the cable that changes which monitor is primary, if i would take cables from my 27'' monitor and plug it into 24'' monitor, then it would not change which one is primary. each monitor has ID / model number and nVidia detects that and will still use my 27'' monitor as primary .. but it also fixes the leap's confusion.
so yeah .. that's only "fix" i know, but it keeps doing it on its own .. it keeps coming back.
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