Nowday Internet Service Providers are idiots, know nothing

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Nowday Internet Service Providers are idiots, know nothing

Postby Sethioz » Wed Jul 03, 2013 3:14 pm

This topic is mainly about not their service itself, but about their firmware, software and hardware they use, so well it kind a goes under "service" anyway.
To start with, i was sharing internet with friend, virginmedia company. LAN worked, but wireless was absolute crap, useless. it kept disconnecting on its own and sometimes got stuck and did not show up at all.
most aggravating thing was that they remotely screwed with the router and changed things ... so basically they could spy on you too.
fucking annoying, is that we had a wifi setup, a custom one with custom name + password, but they kept fucking resetting it .. also wifi channel kept resetting ..
that auto scan is useless, i don't know why or how their firmware does this, it selects 1 6 or 11, but those are used by EVERY router around here, so why would it auto choose a channel that is clocked up by others? makes no sense, so channel 4 or 8 worked best usually, but since they kept fucking with it remotely, they reset it all the time. sometimes i had to go closer to his room with netbook to connect and change channel! no what sort of nonsense is that?

They have put their custom shitty firmware on it, that fucks everything up. Ok lets move on to BT internet. I have 2 BT HomeHubs (routers). I tested both of them against my own custom Thomson Speedtouch 780WL. i'm not even talking about internet here, i tested LAN speeds. all 3 routers are 100mbit's which comes to about 12mb/s (12.5 to be exact).
on my router, when transferring files from PC to PC over LAN, i get constant 11.5 - 12.2mb/s ..i even saw speeds exceeding 12.5mb, i got 14-15mb/s for few seconds, but it is not a true speed and goes down. nevertheless, i get average of 12mb/s, you never get the fastest, just like HDD says 250gb, but you only get 232gb ..etc. That is absolute max they give about speed, so you will always have some loss due cables and connection, that's normal, but 12mb/s average is best you can get really.
Now to talk about those default BT HomeHubs ... i got only 5-7mb/s with those and it was jumping between like 4 and 7 all the time, wasn't even stable. what the hell? only explanation is that their router firmware is FUCKED UP.
I made a quick test on virginmedia too and same issue. I can't believe how shit their service is.

how are they even allowed to provide internet service, if they use so shitty firmware?
I haven't tested talktalk routers, but wifi seems very good on them, even from distance, you get somewhat fair connection.

Worst thing about virginmedia is that you can't even disable the remote thing .. so they always have access and screw things up remotely...whaat?!

I strongly recommend everyone to have their own router with factory default settings and tell ISPs to fuck off with their own routers, if they say "you HAVE to have our router or you can't connect" ... then they are complete retards and you should stay away from them. 2 most used methods for authenticating are either by router's MAC address or PPPoE (username and password you enter inside router).
I have tested both and they work. I changed my own router's MAC and connected it to same line and it worked fine. also i have tested my router using PPPoE, by adding username and password that ISP gives, works fine too.
They might add something there on purpose to force you to use their crappy crap, but either way, you should stay away from ISPs who don't allow you to use your own modem/router.
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Re: Nowday Internet Service Providers are idiots, know nothi

Postby siab » Sun Feb 01, 2015 2:47 am

I agree. It is disgusting what companies of all "trades" are allowed to get away with. Especially ISPs. The worst part of it is, the sheeple don't care. As long as they get to browse porn and drown themselves in their banal pop culture they don't get what you do to them. I heard Comcast plans to do a "fast lane" services where you have to pay extra (like Pay Per View) to access certain sites faster so you have to pay extra for half decent speed. As if that wasn't bad enough they were caught extorting Netflix. Again, your average moron knows nothing about it and that's why it will continue to get worse. Disgusting.
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