YouTube live events / streaming of games and desktop

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YouTube live events / streaming of games and desktop

Postby Sethioz » Fri Jun 07, 2013 4:04 am

Today i made a live event in youtube, just a test which turned out quite ok. It wasn't so easy to set it all up, but as PC Phenom it wasn't hard either :)
I was googling a lot too and found lot of people are having issues with full screen apps, so here's what i used:

Wirecast for YouTube (you can download it via youtube if you have live events enabled, it appears under "select your encoder" during live event creation. download, install and move on.
Wirecast is very straight forward, nothing really i can tell about it, but problem is capturing the screen.
I used Dxtory to capture and stream my fullscreen app (game). Dxtory has option to either "File output" or "DirectShow Output".
So in Dxtory select directshow output (you can have both too if you want to record, but i don't recommend both at once) and then in Wirecast you can add it as a new "shot" at bottom. just select dxtory video, i have 4 dxtory videos there, no idea why tho, maybe they have different audio stream ?! no idea, but i only tested with one and it streamed, however im not sure about audio.

I'll update this topic if i find better methods to broadcast.
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