WPE Pro - how to randomize bytes?!

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WPE Pro - how to randomize bytes?!

Postby Sethioz » Sun May 12, 2013 8:16 pm

Yeah that's awesome, asking question on my own forum about WPE Pro which i have used for ages ...
umm well, thing is, that once, somehow i managed to randomize some bytes, but i can't remember how i achieved it.
what i mean, for example if i make a simple message "hack", to re-send same message over and over again, there is feature in WPE Pro to randomize bytes, so we can randomize this message, each time it is sent, WPE Pro automatically randomizes the message.

Random bytes will have YELLOW background in WPE Pro, telling you those are randomized each time packet is sent. i have googled, but no one seem to know about it. it was some combination of keys i pressed to do it, like shift+left click thing, only it wasn't shift+left click, it was something else. i did it by accident and somehow i managed to forget it ... and just can't find out how i did it in past, ugh ..

anyone have any ideas?
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