CUDA enabled video tools / converters / editors / recorders

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CUDA enabled video tools / converters / editors / recorders

Postby Sethioz » Sat May 11, 2013 6:09 pm

Recently i have discovered that quite few programs take advantage of CUDA nowdays and obviously they have superior speed compared to even best CPUs out there (like 8-core enabled apps or best I7 ..etc). Even old crappy graphics cards are more powerful than best CPUs out there, so CUDA enabled apps are ones to look for and specially when it comes to videos, since they always take ages to render, convert..etc.

Here's list of what i like to use and if you know any better ones, go ahead and post them up.

Leawo Video Converter - very good for converting videos at super fast speed, im using it mainly for 3gb files, since camtasia (i use it for video editing) does not support 3gb. Easy to use and CUDA really makes things move.

Mirillis Action! - screen recorder for games and desktop, excellent tool. thanks to CUDA, i get nearly no lag in games at all while recording. It has quality of fraps, however generated files can be ...problematic. It has built-in converter/exporter, so you just have to export them into smaller formats, but thanks to CUDA that process is quite fast, can do 10gb file within minutes. some other converters that do not use CUDA, might take more than 1h to do that.
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