Motherboards - what is your choice? why? where? ..etc

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Motherboards - what is your choice? why? where? ..etc

Postby Sethioz » Thu May 02, 2013 7:19 pm

I've been looking for new motherboard, but all i find is crap.
I need compatibility, not some gaming freak motherboard that is only good for having a SLI and nothing else.

Sabertooth motherboards fell out on the moment i saw the picture of them, slots get blocked by graphics cards, so useless to me.

so what im looking for, needs to have:

AM3+ cpu socket
Mini PCI-E port (not getting blocked by SLI graphics cards)
2x PCI-E 3.0 slots (3.0, not 2.0 and they can't block other slots)
PCI slot (cant get blocked by graphics cards)
USB 3.0 (i guess most have it nowdays)
IDE (yes i need IDE or at least 10x SATA !!!)
4x 2133mhz RAM slots (i guess all have 4x RAM slots nowdays, but it MUST be 2133mhz, even sabertooth 990fx has only 1600mhz ram support..pfff)

I guess this is the list im looking for and i have a feeling i never find mobo like that, my current Mobo is close, with some extra stuff.
I have IDE, SATA x6, USB 3.0 is using mini PCI-E, but ram is only 1600mhz max and PCI-E is 2.0 and does not support SLI natively (im using HyperSLI hack to enable it)
Biggest problem with motherboards, is that ports get blocked, my current has one of the best designs i have seen.
it has PCI-E x2 (16x and 4x, but using SLI bridge and HyperSLI hack, i get full SLI working just fine), then it has 3x PCI slots and only 1 getting blocked by other graphic's card, so i still have 2 useable PCI slots and i need BOTH of them, 1 is for WiFi card and other is for 5x USB card (since i always need MOOOORE USB ports).
PCI-E mini port is above the first PCI-E, so it never gets blocked by other hardware, i have usb 3.0 card in there currently.

Didn't think its so difficult to find a proper motherboard lol, but seems like a nightmare, anyone have any suggestions?
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