Asus Sabertooth motherboards useless ??

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Asus Sabertooth motherboards useless ??

Postby Sethioz » Thu May 02, 2013 7:03 pm

This is about Asus designed Sabertooth motherboard/s.

I've been thinking about upgrading my MoBo to something modern, mainly because i want native USB 3.0 and PCI-E 3.0.
currently I have PCI-E 2.0, which is not really issue, but USB 3.0 is problem, i have USB 3.0 card in mini PCI-E slot, so i'm good with it really.
another problem is RAM support, mine supports 1600mhz ram only. so any upgrades would be quite useless really.
max cpu wattage is 140w, so im good with that too, but rest is just getting old.

right, so i've seen so called "gamers" and "experts" use Sabertooth mobos, saying those are the best you can get .. i laughed my ass off when i looked at them.
they're so useless, that i wouldn't buy one even if its brand new and 50% discount...
first of, motherboard is the smallest bit if it comes to gaming, ofcourse it is important that bandwidth between components is enough, but PCI-E 3.0 is 3.0 ... meaning that any other mobo with 3.0 will do same job for you, i mean if you lose 1-2fps in some games .. cmon. ive never been FPS whore, so i don't mind if games runs at like 100fps instead of 102fps.
ok ok .. so maybe it is optimized to get max out of every component, but still, you would not get significant performance out of it. with I7 cpu and GTX690 you can run games at like 200fps on max graphics and if i can run game at 180fps due the motherboard, its acceptable.

Now to the part why i laughed over Sabertooth motherboards. i checked both, Z77 and 990FX. I prefer having AM socket, so 990FX was interesting, but ...not anymore.
lets first take a look at the picture of 990FX:

look great, doesnt it?
exactly what i thought, but now ...

Lets take a look at the available slots:

3 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (dual x16 or x16, x8, x8) *1 (beige slots are meant for SLI / Crossfire for max performance)
1 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (x4 mode, black)
1 x PCIe 2.0 x1 mini PCI-E
1 x PCI
Now take a close look at the picture.
so if i put 2 video cards in there, one of them will block PCI-E mini slot, so can't use that even if you have 1 video card, which you WILL have. ok i guess it doesn't really matter which slot you use if you have just one video card, if they are both same, you can probably put it into either beige one.
Well still, even with one video card and you WILL have 1 video card, so that video card will be blocking either mini PCI-E slot or PCI slot .. so why the hell are those slots there in the first place .. if graphics card will be blocking one of them?????
if you have SLI, then you will be blocking BOTH, PCI and mini PCI-E slots ... wtf? who came up with such idiotic design in the first place?

To start with, i have USB 2.0 card in PCI slot, because i need MORE USB ports, i have so much stuff connected (about 12 usb ports used) and in PCI-E mini i have USB 3.0 card (ok i would not need it as 990FX has integrated usb 3.0, but i would still need EXTRA usb ports or connect something else in there, like high powered WiFi)

and to look at the bottom pci-e slot, i think its also 16x (as it says 3x pci-e 3.0 16x) .. if you put graphics card in there, it will be blocking all the connectors for LEDs (HDD, reset, on/off button, USB ports ..etc)

then on top of that, in specs it says that it supports the following RAMs:
4 x DIMM, Max. 32GB, DDR3 1866/1600/1333/1066 Hz ECC, Non-ECC, Un-buffered Memory
da fuck??

2133MHz RAM is what you want nowdays.

Anyway, it looks like AsRock designs are better, they have PCI-E mini slot on TOP of PCI-E 16x slots, so it won't get blocked no matter what and they have also 2x PCI in case you need to use a PCI slot. However AsRock does not have a Sabertooth mobo, they have just AsRock 990FX, which is similar, but not sabertooth.

anyway all this motherboard stuff is completely nonsense to me, when i look for motherboard, i want features and lot of expansion slots/ports.
sabertooth might be good for some gaming framerate whore, who drools when he gets 210fps instead of 190fps, but other than that .. i see nothing in it.
Asus used to be good, but lately i see nothing good by them, even the IPS monitor i was looking for, i decided to go with Acer, because of looks, price and specs.

... who the hell is designing hardware nowdays?! I would make so much better motherboard, with "dynamic" design, where you can swap slots/ports around, like have some sort of adapter for things, so ports won't get blocked whenever you want to use different stuff.
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