P5 Glove on win 7 - testing and scripts (glovepie)

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P5 Glove on win 7 - testing and scripts (glovepie)

Postby Sethioz » Sat Apr 20, 2013 11:27 pm

I got myself one of those P5 data gloves and straight away i had issues with it on win 7. Only things that work on win 7 are fingers, no mouse movement and none of the tools run.
i googled for about 2 hours and read thru those yahoo groups who claim to have drivers and stuff, but none of it works on win 7, they instantly crash.
I tried using some GlovePIE scripts that i was able to pull off of internet, but they crashed the whole GlovePIE tool .. bah .. how typical. some numbheads blabbering crap and don't know what they say.

However good news is that im 100% sure it does work on win 7. i have seen people use it on win 7, so there must be something i missed.

I tested it on win xp and works great, its plug and play, however for calibration and mouse movement i need to run the tool and enable mouse movement, im sure there is some registry entry that tells if mouse is on or off, if i find that, i can activate it via registry in win 7.
I've made some tests and used the P5 Sandbox program (see below, its attached) to test it out. it's quite amazing, it knows exactly how your hand is positioned (distance from receiver, height and angle and ofcourse fingers).

Some of the tools might run on win 7 under win xp compatibility mode, i tried the p5 calibration and it still crashed, haven't tried the p5 sandbox tho.
anyway i will run more tests and see how i can get it going under win 7

P5Sandbox Setup.rar
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