Skype - Buy Skype credits at 50% Price

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Skype - Buy Skype credits at 50% Price

Postby KEN » Mon Mar 04, 2013 1:15 pm

This is not a tutorial or anything. It's simple, you want to buy Skype credits at 50% price to make international calls, you post here.
If you want €50 credits, you will need to pay €25. Want €200 credits, pay €100. Want €2 credits, pay €1.
If you think this won't work or something, just ask for a demo. I'll send you about $2 for free.

Also mention if you want the credits on your own Skype, or you want me to make a new Skype profile for you and add the credits there and give you the id / pass.
Only valid till 13th August,2013.
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