nVidia SLI enabled in non-sli capable motherboards

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nVidia SLI enabled in non-sli capable motherboards

Postby Sethioz » Sat Mar 02, 2013 12:25 am

This is a SLI hack that enables full SLI capabilites in an non-SLI motherboard, such as my current AsRock M3A770DE which has 2x PCI-E slots, one being 16x and other 4x.
I just got another 2GB GTX550Ti and realized that my motherboard only supports Crossfire.
This has nothing to do with hardware, it is just an conspiracy. As far as i know, it is like with windows 7 (maybe vista too) and later, where software developers have to pay huge amounts to get their drivers signed by windows, same with SLI. Companys have to pay loads to nVidia so they "enable" the SLI capabilites option.
They may bullshit all they want, but proof is right here. i got it working just fine.

using just one 2GB GTX 550 Ti i was able to run Crysis 3 with 1920x1080, medium textures and rest on low on 30-60fps.
using SLI 2GB GTX 550 Ti i got Crysis 3 to high settings at 1920x1080 and from 30 - 60fps, so that's huge improvement.
GTA IV max FPS i got was 80 before, with SLI i got 150. almost twice the performance, which was expected, however GTA IV gets stuck behind something else, RAM or CPU. i still did not get over 40-60 fps while in city areas, 150fps was just inside of a room, still with just one card i got 80fps peak.

- How to enable SLI on non SLI motherboards

What you need:
- Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate (home, premium ..etc won't work, has to be ultimate)
- nVidia drivers for your card (go to nvidia.com and get them from under drivers section)
- HyperSLI hack (google for hypersli or grab the attached file below)
(7.42 MiB) Downloaded 349 times

- MSI Afterburner (optional, but good to have so you see what's going on and adjust clock ..etc)
- nVidia full range colors (optional but highly recommended) - enables true colors (nvidia does not use true colors by default and cant set it either)
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1. install nVidia drivers as usual (if you have them already, no need to re-install, but i recommend going with latest drivers)
2. install hypersli and run it (just follow instructions)
3. when it says done, reboot your pc
4. now you notice 2 windows options there:
windows 7
windows 7 hypersli < select this one
5. Now let windows load up (make sure everything is loaded, do not rush)
6. right click on desktop > nVidia control panel > set up multiple display
- at bottom of that window, you see "surround spanning options" < select that
111.png (8.42 KiB) Viewed 4214 times

7. Select what options you want:
- Maximise 3D performance < this is true SLI, using only the display/s connected to your primary adapter, meaning with GTX550Ti, i can only use 2 monitors at same time while in true SLI
- Span displays with surround < true SLI, using all monitors as 1, spanning your desktop and games over monitors, not sure if it works with more than 2, but it should work with 3, i can't test, because all monitors have to have identical resolution, one of mine is only 19'' and won't go on 1920x1080
- Activate all displays < should be SLI-multi hybrid, but never worked for me. it does enable all of my 3 displays, but never uses secondary GPU for anything, except of whats actually on the other monitors connected to secondary GPU, so in games it uses still one (physx should be running on other).
- Disable SLI < isnt it obvious?

Crash - if you crash when enabling "maximise 3d performance" then you have some driver issues, i used hypersli 0.7 before and had this issue, as soon as i enabled the SLI i crashed. I then installed 0.96 hypersli and new nvidia drivers (latest) and now it works.
Also from what i read on forums, people said that sometimes hypersli just fails to install, in that case, just re-install. uninstall, use some registry tool (glary utilities, ccleaner, registry mechanic ..etc) to clean out dead entries and invalid shit, then reboot > re-install > reboot.

MSI Afterburner - absolutely nothing to do with SLI, but it shows you status and such. It also shows how much load there is on your GPU/s, this is very good to see if it actually uses 2 GPUs or just one. also it has Clock options (very easy) and Fan Speed. very useful, since fan speeds suck so bad by default, i cranked mine up to get lower temps, it has auto-manual hybrid option for fan, which is awesome, you set your own auto options, if gpu is 70C, then fan is 100%. if gpu is 50c then fan is 70% ..etc. before mine had 100% fan @ 90C ... i set it to go on 100% @ 70C

nVidia full range colors - nothing to do with SLI, however i highly recommend using this. This sets RGB limits (Red Green Blue scale, monitors only show these 3 colors, RGB mixed will fool your eyes to think you see yellow, purple ..etc and YES its true, go to wiki if you dont believe me).
nVidia enables default value that is 16 - 236 only, where 0 is BLACK and 255 COLOR. for example 255.0.0 would be RED color, but nvidia allows only 235.0.0 so you don't see that red as bright as i do. using this tool, you can enable full range, from 0 to 255, so white truly is WHITE and black is really BLACK. it makes colors so much brighter, its really amazing tool to use.
very easy to use, run > set full range (0-255) > reboot
do this AFTER you get your SLI working, any driver installation will reset RGB to 16-236, so keep this tool and use it after each time you install drivers.
works only on nVidia drivers / cards.

Here's my SLI status:
NVIDIA Control Panel_2013-03-01_21-29-11.png

EVEREST Ultimate Edition_2013-03-01_22-47-42.png
EVEREST Ultimate Edition_2013-03-01_22-47-42.png (8.29 KiB) Viewed 4213 times
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