Video / Screen capture programs (fraps, dxtory..etc)

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Video / Screen capture programs (fraps, dxtory..etc)

Postby Sethioz » Sun Feb 24, 2013 3:37 am

UPDATE - breaking news:

Mirillis Action!

Well, to me it is breaking news, since i never knew about "Mirillis Action!" screen recorder.
cyborg39 (forum user) told me about Mirillis Action, so i tested it out ..and i'm impressed of the superiority that it has over all the other tools mentioned in here. I set it up within 2 minutes, no problems, no complications. can do mp4 (up to 480p only) and .avi up to real resolution (whatever your game is or convert on the go to lower)

First most impressive thing, is that it doesn't lag like fraps, it captures at same quality that fraps, can do easy 1080p @ 30fps. Fraps would lock you down to 30fps, but this doesn't, game runs nicely as fast as you can run it, but captures @ 30fps, this is extremely good.
I tried in Riptide, GTA IV and GRID, absolutely perfect.

- Captures multichannel audio
- can mix audio into 1 (mic + game)
- can split files every xx hour / min / sec (enable / disable + select time)
- shows FPS on screen
- capture audio only (if you want just audio)
- mic has 3 options (never, always, when button pressed)
- can capture region of screen
- can capture desktop
- visualize mouse clicks (good for tutorials)
- can do overlay graphics (i guess its watermark, never tried this)
- This is super good feature - it can balance mic / game volume, where it allows you to choose like 20% of game / system audio and 80% mic
- integrated youtube uploader
- and some other features that come in handy
- uses nVidia CUDA (no wonder its so fast)

so far i haven't found a single bad thing about this, i still want to test it out in longer recordings, like 20 min +
ok .. actually one bad thing, it's not free, but can't expect to get everything free. in fact, if there wouldn't be crack out there, i would buy it, but again .. without crack i wouldn't know how good it is or maybe i would have tested trial. If you don't want to download cracked version, it is worth buy .. and you DON'T hear this often from me.



This topic is about screen / video capture programs, comparisons, features, issues ..etc and what you prefer to use?

For quite a while now, i've been using Fraps and i guess most people use fraps, but just becaus so many use it, does not make it best.
first of, i will list all the known tools that i have somewhat tested:

Camtasia screen capture
MSI Afterburner

These are the known ones and honestly i have never checked for anything else, but im starting to .. i can't put up with these broken ass programs.
ok now lot will say "wtf fraps is not broken!" ..well it is. One person who makes game videos (i refer to frankie from dayz) bought GTX 690 just to record games, because his GTX 680 didn't cut it. i laughed my ass off ...
Why ? well this is the issue you get with Fraps, it kills your FPS while recording.
For example i want to record at 25FPS (it's more than enough for youtube videos) or maybe 30FPS, but when i do, then my game drops to that FPS too, which is unacceptable .. i can't play at 25-30fps.
I tested out Dxtory and it does not have this issue at all. i tested on GTA IV @ 1080p. i was recording at 30FPS while my game still ran fine at 40-60fps.. incredible difference.
However it has other issues, like not being able to split files after ever 4gb (or specify), it makes one huge file that is not usable. i can't play it in video players and i can't work on it in video editors .. i CAN however split the video with a simple video or file splitter, but it takes too fucking long = unacceptable. 1 - 2 hours to split them, is stupid.

Here i will list good and bad sides of these tools:

+ Easy to use
+ Captures Mic + Stereo mix / speakers / what you hear
+ Reasonable file sizes
+ Split video every 4gb option (it's a must have when recording longer than 1-2 minutes)
- Drops game's FPS to recording FPS, if you record at 15fps, then it drops game to 15fps too.

+ Does not drop game FPS to same level with capture FPS (you can record at 15fps and still play at 60fps)
+ Multi HDD usage feature for ultra high videos. Allows you to save files on more than 1 hdd if your hdd does not support super high write speed, you need very high write speed when making 60fps+ HD videos.
+ Has lot of features and different codec options
- Has multiple audio device option, but unfortunetly it does not work, still records only 1 at a time (once fixed, it will be +)
- Does not have clip split option, which unfortunetly makes it completely useless. 1-2 minutes recording will make 10-20gb video, which is not useable. it NEEDS split video option.

- Unfortunetly i have to list this as not useable. It is meant for complete retards and morons, It has NO function to add games manually and obviously it will not capture the screen of just any app, it can only capture when you run games via xFire interface, it did not detect my GTA IV and it does not give option to add either, so it's useless and senseless. 7Ds said you can add them by modifying .ini file, but cmon ... this is too gay.

Camtasia screen capture
+ Can capture certain area of screen (allows you to specify very easily by dragging box over area you want to record)
+ Does not use much resources
+ Easy to use
+ Can save files as .camrec and .avi (camrec is if you want to edit it, then its better)
+ Can capture webcam at same time with screen
+ Lock to application feature
+ Mouse click sounds (adds click sounds if enabled)
+ Does not kill game / application FPS while recording (but does not record fullscreen)
+ Very small capture files at HD
- Does not capture most full screen apps (games ..etc), just shows black screen with sound.

This tool is mostly meant to make desktop tutorials, like how to make effect in photoshop, how to setup winamp ..etc and not for game / fullscreen apps.

MSI Afterburner
I heard that this is good for screen capture too, but unfortunetly i can't get it working.
when i try to change the default folder for capture, it crashes and there's no way i record videos onto my primary SSD, just not happening.
so until i get it fixed, there won't be any testing with MSI Afterburner screencapture feature.
Just that you all know, it is tool for graphics cards actually, for monitoring temps and clocking. screen capture is just one feature it has.

I will try to find a way to get Dxtory working ... one way is using macro to quickly stop and start recording to split the file, but it has a good 5 second delay .. so its quite useless still ...bah.
another issue is with audio, fucker just won't record mic + game at same time. again, might bypass using virtual audio cable, but cmon ... too much hassle.
Fraps is just annoying me, i don't want to capture at 50-60fps, its just USELESS to me, since camtasia can output only 30fps anyway.
lot of people use sony vegas, but i found it crap. Camtasia Studio is a lot better for video editing, easier, faster and lot better file outputs (size and quality).
So yeah, i need to capture at 25-30fps but fraps just drops my game down to that fps too ... its just stupid and i don't like it.
I need new solution.

Thanks to 7Ds i got Dxtory working on amazing settings, but problem remains with audio, it only captures channel 1, even if i have 2 or more set for capture.
tried in video editor, only 1 channel ... useless.
but i got 1min recording down to 15mb
here's screenshot of settings that 7Ds gave me.

This is regarding Dxtory, i tried it in RE6 and my fps nearly died, no idea why. in other games dxtory is better than fraps.
Maybe because RE6 is too new? no idea, but fraps works fine in RE6, while dxtory doesn't, i had like 10-15fps with dxtory, fraps can record at 60fps, no problems.
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